Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


OG Ken is pretty simple.


Claw and Boxer are both ownage, not saying that you should start with them just saying. :tup:


This game is alot more dependant on normals and knowing what beats what than much anything else I played, I’ve noticed that much.

I am leaning towards Chun-Li though.



Dictator (Bison/Vega) is pretty easy to use IMO, and more than anything he is FUN!!!


fools are lucky i wasnt in the 3on3


how come gian wins every throw battle against me (and not against nuki)?


And how come NKI is the goddamn sexiness? Besides playing XvSF, I am a psychic. Behold:

What’s up Buk? I’m Victor, I met you playing random a3 and st matches in Valle’s room at like 9 am. Good shit dood. Too bad you’re a bully.




No Vietnambush for you this year, huh? =p


Ok… I have to ask this… NKI… what the hell was up with the character selection in Top 8 this year?

4 chuns? (you, buk, nuki, tokido) (even though I saw tokido use Vega too)

What the heck was with that? I know Chun’s pretty good… but isn’t she strictly mid tier in this game? (dhalsim+bosses=top, then come shotos+ dee jay).

And the counterpoint, where was O.Sagat? Chun’s most feared counter character?

And, my friend Billy was discussing the Vega “soft ban” in Japan that people have talked about. Which made me think that when I went to Japan, I saw vega’s being played (a really cheap CE vega at MORE). Is the “soft ban” thing really true? I’m starting to think not.

Thanks for your time


Actually I think dictator is one of the harder characters to use at first. He has nothing abusable at all.

Easy players to start with, I would say DJ is pretty easy. He has an ansti-air special, a fireball, decent normals, a crossup, etc. OG Ken is a good choice, any Ryu is a good choice. OG Boxer is a good choice as well. (And OG Boxer is pretty good to boot, very underrated.)


how is og ken diff from new ken? also, other than knee bash trickery and short short super, what is new ken good at? (i’m picking him up)

i’m also picking up feilong, any tips with him other than whoring lk firedp?


Maybe better cross-ups

Anyway, ST is the dogs!


I need help on a ryu vs fei long matchup I have no idea what to do in that situation and in short, I got raped by sabre in my ST pool last week.


oh hehe i played you? i remember.

big thing with fighting fei long with a shoto is you cannot wiff against him. when fei sits outside of shotos maximum effective range, you just make the shoto player barely wiff a low forward/sweep/dp, and its free rekka all day. definitely need to know your ranges with shotos in that matchup or you will eat rekkas all day. good thing to do if fei is that close on you and jumping ends up not working, is use fireballs in his face when fei is sitting right outside the shotos max range. its fast enough to where he cant react, and he cant do rekkas. but the fei player can predict this and do an early jump or try and hit you with a dp (feis initial dp frames have insanely good range) so you still need to be wary.

easiest way to beat fei tho, is just zone him out. get away from him, get breathing space, and force him to jump over fireballs. and sweep fei everytime he lands. as far as i know, fei has no jumpins to beat a shoto’s AA sweep from max distance. from that range, fei has a VERY VERY hard fight. if its n.fei, he has a better chance to get inside with using his jackknife kicks(or whatever its called), if its o.fei, its damn near impossible for him to win when he gets stuck in the fireball sweep loop.

hope that kinda helped bud


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Help my sagat not be so damn scrubby.

I throw tigers then uppercut obvious fuck up jump-ins and Cr.RH sometimes all day.

Make me un scrubby.


st. Short ticks/mixups are quite abusable IMHO.


Which is precisely why I think HF>ST

I know, some may think wow, Vin is hating on ST again. But no, I’m not. I think ST IS a good game. It’s just that it’s far from being the best SF2 game. Everytime I play ST I just can’t stop pondering:

So, if my opponent didn’t have a meter, would he just get peaced out in 15secs? He may or may not. Either way, it’s difficult for me to come to the conclusion that many ST players that choose chars with the meter have some sort of old skool foundation (and yes, I do realize that there are those exceptional few). Like if they were to play HF or CE, would they still be somewhat successful? Meh, my ST rant is done…for now.


He has to get close first, which is not an easy task most of the times.


Bison blocked scissors into throw is a friggin’ combo I swear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm…Walk up s.Shorts? Psychic Tiger Uppercut limbs? There’s actually not much to Sagat, any version of him. Whiff Tiger Knee on crouchers XX throw works every so often…:confused: