Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


I’m sure this was posted before but does anyone have a translation of this page?

He talks about a lotta different stuff, including footsies etc.


Quick summary: Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


There is an update at NH2’s blog. Did not make much sense to me. Has he lost his password or something? It’s been some time I do not hear from him at all.




that arcade looks funnnn. sad face for the st machine being unoccupied


It looks like an awesome arcade to go to, you boys in Belgium are lucky to have it. I agree with moocus though, it’s pretty sad ST is sitting in the middle of all these cabs, and being forever alone :frowning:

You might want to consider posting that thread in here as well:

You’ll get some more fellow Belgians interested in the place. Hopefully some of them won’t mind trying an old ass game for nostalgia.


NH2 Blog: The contest!

Pretty nice prize!


Haha, awesome. I entered.


Super Turbo in NYC 4/13/2012



Awesome, I hope your event turns out great.

A few questions, there’s no stream URL, yet you say that there’s a stream provided by Dick Wolf, and there’s a weird url attached to that, might want to correct that.

Also, you’re kind of vague as to how future payouts are going to work. You say winner(s) take all, but that could encompass anything from 100% to 1st, or a 70/20/10, or a 60/30/10, etc etc. Might want to clarify.


NH2 post: Top 10 SF2 match-ups + more.


How are you confused with the pay out of winner(s) take all? You win singles, you win all the money. Your team wins teams, they win all the money. There will be no 70/20/10 etc splits.

As well Min is still questioning at the moment if he is going to switch stream service or not. Once this information is settled the link will be updated.


Going to have a stream of Super Arcade ST, if you guys want to watch, here’s the link. It should be up around 6pm or so.


How did people get good playing this game against the cpu. I turned it to easiest, and it gives me one free jump in a round before i lose, lol.


American ST cpu is one of the hardest computer opponents I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. The game will actually read your inputs and input what is exactly needed to beat you.

On a side note, sometimes watching the computer is a good way to see something totally wacky that works



Question about the SSFIIX for Dreamcast~

Is the AI difficulty affected by the Language Switch (switch 2A) in the Secret Options? I was fiddling with it this morning…I noticed that with the language set to Japanese, the AI is nowhere near as difficult or frustrating to fight against as when the language is set to English. I haven’t adjusted the difficulty level in the regular options menu either (left it at 4 stars).


Is the safe option select dp vs wall dives forward, down, down/forward, forward, down, down/back when vega is right on top?


I think the auto-correct DP motion is forward, down, down-forward, half circle backwards, x3 punches.

If you want the dp/tatsu option select, according to DGV, it’s forward, down, down-forward, forward, x3 punches and kicks. That way you either get a DP in the “front” direction, or a reversal tatsu in the “back” direction.


Cool…also, when claw is attempting a dive on wakeup…can’t you just hold down 3 punches, do a dp motion + back and release the punches for a negative edge dp…so if claw hits from the front, the dp comes out, and if he’s behind, you just block?


Yes, you can. It gives Ryu the most amount of options on wake-up. That being said, even with this technique, its still heavily Claw favored imo.