Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers was released on the US Wii Shop Channel today for $8. I picked it up and gave it a whirl. Keep in mind a few things. First, this is the original SSF2 that was quickly discarded in favor of ST. Second, this is the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) version so there are a lot of technical sacrifices in exchange for a few more modes. The default speed is horrible (and one of the main reasons why the arcade version didn’t enjoy much support) but you can set it to much faster than even ST if you want (reason enough for some to consider the SG and SNES versions better than the arcade version).

I started the game expecting a solid emulation of the original Genesis version, perhaps even smoother since I had my trusty HRAP2 stick connected via the Cube JoyBox converter. Everything started off fine until I had to configure my controls. Apparently, the Cube JoyBox (and other PlayStation 2->GameCube converters) maps the PS2 L1 and R1 buttons to the GCN Z button. And it just so happens that the Z button brings up a special menu in Virtual Console games. Unfortunately, there are no official or unofficial ways to remap controls on the Wii so L1 and R1 are completely unusable. That makes using the HRAP a very awkward experience with one attack off. An official Wii stick should work without a hitch but then you’re stuck with either mushy parts or an annoying mod.

I recognize that Nintendo doesn’t cater to unofficial products so I accepted my setup’s deficiencies and went on to try SSF2’s offline mode. It felt as I remembered it: not remotely arcade perfect in visuals and sound but a decent approximation of SSF2. Of course, I didn’t buy the game for offline. I already have SSF2 for SG and certainly wouldn’t pay $8 for a digital emulation. The unique aspect of this Virtual Console title that’s been touted since the game was first announced last year is that it’s the first US release to include online play (and second VC game with online internationally). No previous US VC game, including SSF2 for the Super NES, offered online play. So I started the WFC Battle online mode anticipating good things…

I was immediately reminded how Nintendo’s online system focuses on privacy to the detriment of meeting new people. You can battle an anonymous stranger or a friend, and that’s it. There were no other options available: not a ping filter, not a leaderboard, and not an estimated skill level. My first match took over 5 minutes to link up. The connection is set up like zbattle where you can play as long as you like against the other player. When I started my first match, I realized once again why online HDR is still regarded so highly among console fighter netcodes. It turns out Wii SSF2 has horrific input delay, to the point where it’s difficult to time jumping attacks (at all, much less meaty or early). On defense, if you’re holding down with Guile and the opponent jumps forward, then once he reaches the apex of his jump, it’s already too late for you to do anything about it.

I tried with a few more players and had some different experiences. At best, the netcode is comparable to a decent connection on Kaillera but at worst, inputs come out literally 1 full second after you press them. There are no GGPO-style rollbacks here; it’s all plain lag that gets frustrating as you see jumps coming and can’t do anything about them. Everyone connecting through Wi-Fi (or a variant thereof) doesn’t help the situation either.

Overall, I’m disappointed with the game. It’s great that SSF2 got a special online release for the Wii since it’s the closest game to ST on that system, but the online addition is unplayable for anyone who wants to take the game seriously. I thought (and still feel) Street Fighter IV had bad netcode and Street Fighter X Tekken had slightly worse netcode but compared to Wii SSF2, they’re GGPO and Supercade. Anybody who wants to have fun with console SF2 would be much better served with HDR (preferably on Xbox 360). Anybody with a PC would do even better with ST on the aforementioned GGPO and Supercade. For any Wii-only folks, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. On the bright side, if you can react on the Wii version, you’ll have amazing reactions in offline ST.


Yeah, first game with online support FROM NINTENDO, couldn’t expect better. I was hoping it would be decent though, it might have gotten some random kids who stumbled upon the game into SF2, or anyone really.


This is actaully old, but anyway… Star Cup 11 coverage by Aniken, it looks like:

Link: Japanese, Google translate


This tournament flew under the radar but here are the results from today’s Youmacon Battle Opera ST (HDR Classic) tournament:

  1. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  2. Justin Wong (O. Sagat)
  3. PR Balrog (Boxer)
  4. Mad king (Dictator)
  5. CEO Jebailey (O. Sagat)
  6. Mavrick (Dictator)

Video archive:


I didn’t even hear about this tournament until a day or two ago. Did they advertise this ST tournament somewhere?


Wait what the fuck? lol damn like 2 people going to watch this video sadly where was this? And when did PR Rog get so good at ST? Even though it doesn’t really count since it was on ps3 with laggy monitors its still impressive he beat Riz One:tup:



That is all.
I fucking love this matchup, and watching the best Ryu vs. the best Guile… <3


^^ That’s textbook solid play coming from both masters of their characters. Very patient and methodical. No gimmicks here. All strategy with a sprinkle of good reads mixed in.


X-MANIA Niigata streaming now:


I’m continuing to add to the STR results section. I’ve added all the archived Ko-Hatsu results recently from Osaka and just now, A-Cho from Kyoto.

I know some people have trouble keeping track of who is from where easily so this can help give you a good sense of that, though players will travel from other areas to some of these tournaments, especially the larger ones.

Some of the tournaments have videos for them but a lot of them dont. If I am able to track them down, I will update the links.


Nakano Royal 2nd Fighting Spirit Cup Tournament from 12/29. Lots of video footage.


I believe it should be
[*]Tsuji and Mori
in the last Kouhatsu ST tournament since, IIRC, it was single elimination.


Hello, I’m streaming an ST casual from my house so come in and say hi!


Canada ST got all my support! I’m watching and drinking lol =O


I thought you fellas might find this interesting. I did

djfrijoles- MF what do they call those tecniques in japan ?

MysteriousFighter- hi dj

djfrijoles- hi mf

djfrijoles- I made a video of those tecniques


djfrijoles- pleae have a look

djfrijoles- hat is the name of those in japan ?

MysteriousFighter- aa

MysteriousFighter- this is “SHIKOMI”

MysteriousFighter- in japan, it is called so

djfrijoles- shikoni = option select for usa/mexico/euro

djfrijoles- shikoni = so ?

MysteriousFighter- SHIKOMI SHORYU

djfrijoles- ah ok

MysteriousFighter- SHIKOMI upper

djfrijoles- we call them dragon punch installs <MysteriousFighter> possann

MysteriousFighter- dragon punch installs?

djfrijoles- yes

MysteriousFighter- realley?

djfrijoles- when you jump and if oponent reversals dp comes out

djfrijoles- dp installs

djfrijoles- or option select

MysteriousFighter- have you said joke?

djfrijoles- no

djfrijoles- that is the name of the tecnique

djfrijoles- for us

MysteriousFighter- ihave known intuitively

MysteriousFighter- dragon panch installs

MysteriousFighter- it is very smart naming

djfrijoles- mf it is because you “install” a dp inside of your jump

MysteriousFighter- i got to know this for the first time

djfrijoles- and me of the name shikomi shoryu for the first time too

djfrijoles- button release typhoon,tomahak buster, shikomi upper all = option selects

MysteriousFighter- shikomi xxxx

MysteriousFighter- or

MysteriousFighter- xxxx sikomi

MysteriousFighter- in japan

MysteriousFighter- option selects

MysteriousFighter- i dont understand

MysteriousFighter- op?

djfrijoles- you know button release typhoon ?

MysteriousFighter- yes

djfrijoles- is also called option select

djfrijoles- shikomi upper

djfrijoles- also option select

djfrijoles- typhoon/dp tecnique

djfrijoles- also named option select

MysteriousFighter- button rerease typhoon is called “jidou nitaku” in japan

djfrijoles- we call it negative edge

MysteriousFighter- jidou nitaku = 自動二択

MysteriousFighter- jidou = auto

djfrijoles- the dhalsim player named jason cole named it negative edge

MysteriousFighter- nitaku = alternative

djfrijoles- oh i like that name

djfrijoles- auto/alternative

MysteriousFighter- nitaku, takuitu

djfrijoles- also very clever naming

wolmar- sounds even more relevant than option select

MysteriousFighter- the origin of “shikomi”

MysteriousFighter- probably


Doesn’t nitaku mean “two way mixup”, like santaku means “3 way mixup”?


I’d like to present (yet another) potentially unsolved ST mystery.

N. Claw gets de-clawed from Sagat super at 43:45 and the claw seems to disappear for good! I think Riz or someone else may have mentioned an occurrence like this before, but I forget the circumstances. Anyone have any leads?


LOL! It’s just behind one of the signals which are on the first plane.


But wouldn’t the 1P claw icon at least be visible or flashing near the sign? I don’t see anything at all. There seems to be no trace of the claw at the end of the round. If you can take a screenshot and circle where the claw is clearly visible, I’d like to see it.


If this disappearing claw trick can be replicated on Russia’s stage, I am going to fight ALL claws on that stage ONLY.