Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


I’ve seen the 1 player sigh from the claw float away towards the sky before. I think that was playing our 99 games Fudd. I’ve seen that a few times, but dont’ remember if the claw disappeared.


I only remember seeing the 1p/2p sign from the Claw fly up into the sky on the Dreamcast version. It does it consistently everytime the round ends and the claw is off. It’s pretty dope.


There might be a toggle setting in the dipswitch menu on the Dreamcast version.


It should, but it doesn’t.

IMHO, that’s a horrible idea. That stage is very fast, so it only helps Claw, in the end.


Good point. I’ll have to request to fight them on Ryu and Honda stage instead.


I’ve found it in video!

Shikomi Reppa, just after 18:55 there.

Edit: Zangief overpowered?


I was screwing around with O.Chun yesterday.

How exactly would claw fight her ?

Lightning Legs will shut down most of his poke and general ground game and her SBK should do very well against walldives.

Other than jumping and potentially getting lucky i don’t see any consistent gameplan for him against her.


I’ve always wondered, how did people originally find out about the existence of old characters? When did they find out? What about Akuma?

Sorry if this has been answered before. I couldn’t find anything here or through Google.

Thank you.


Players discovered the old characters within weeks of ST’s release through mashing. Players discovered the general “no continues” condition to play against Gouki in the same timeframe through trial and error.

Capcom provided the exact “play against Gouki” conditions to Japanese arcade magazine Gamest a couple of months later. As far as I’m aware, no US media source ever published the 100% accurate conditions (with time, score, and the 2P method) but the vast majority of US players didn’t care since it was easy to meet the 25 minute time limit without knowing exactly what the requirement was.

Capcom leaked the “play as Gouki” code to Japanese arcade magazine Gamest a few months after the last tip. Import-savvy US players saw the news and immediately spread the word to fellow players and US magazines. I still recall the old “hAwK-gUile-cAMmy” moniker used by one US magazine to help remember the Akuma code. Nobody even knew for sure whether Gouki was playable before the leak.

Oh, and in case you weren’t aware, the practice of game publishers supplying game magazines with secrets has always been extremely commonplace (for marketing purposes). Basically, if you see a non-trivial secret, chances are overwhelming that it was provided by the game’s publisher. Gamest—the major JP arcade-oriented magazine of its day— usually got first dibs on arcade codes from JP publishers.


wasnt there a contest to beat the game without continues and some famous dict player was the first to do it and then it was released at that event ?


Has anyone ever created a combo vid showing “true” TOD’s, ie. TOD combos where the opponent dies before they get stunned?


Assuming the opponent is at full health when you start, this is impossible.


Yeah, probably the closest thing would be properly executed Hawk loops.


So the ones in these vids are Training mode only?


Hmmm, first time seeing this. What hardware is he using? Most likely TAC use was involved. It’s hard to gauge a true ToD since stun values are fairly random in this game, and I believe there are mods that disable stun.


Ryu vs Boxer one seems easy enough. I’ll try to recreate it.


Maj confirms no dizzy TOD’s are possible. He does one with Guile at 7m17s:


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Speed Turbo 3
Akuma is banned.
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Newton X Versus Cup 2on2 Ranbat – 9.14.13

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3) Shin (Ryu) / Naoki (Boxer)
3) Palestina (Chun-Li) / T.Akiba (Blanka)

優勝 なかむら@キャミィ / ちょーしゅー@ケン
2位 VIPER@ホーく / シュウ@ケン
3位 シン@リュウ / なおき@バイソン
3位 パレスチナ@春麗 / たき@ブランカ[/details]

Video Archive:

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Some more here:

Not to brag, but I had absolutely no doubt Rog could TOD easily. Just too much damage in everything. As for Chun’s TODs, her cl.Jab does huge damage (as much as her strong) for a chain-cancellable move, which is part of the reason they are possible - other being huge super damage + upkicks.