Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


19th Ko-hatsu Super Street Fighter II X GMC tournament (with streaming)
Date: 2013-09-22 (next Sunday)
Rules:[list][]Three characters per player (see notes 1 and 3)
]Format depends on the number of entrants (see note 2)
]First character has to be declared to the referee
[]Cannot repeat characters
]Akuma/Gouki banned[/list]

Note 1: you have to use three different characters each match. Those need not be the same ones you will declare the next match - assuming you win.
Note 2: The format is single-elimination bracket, usually.
Note 3: SF2X-only (a.k.a. “X”, “ST” or “new”) and SSF2 (a.k.a. “S” or “old”) allowed, and considered different.

Stream: (only one station is streamed)

Info on previous events: (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)


2013-09-22, perhaps?


Yes! My mistake, of course!

I hope the brothers show up again.


Did any of you guys tweet Mr Wizard about the six or less games you want at Evo? I picked ST (standard 3/5), ST starcup, ST ratio, ST 3v3 teams, ST char lock single elim, and ST character auction


Direct link to tweet Mr. Wizard. You’ll need an account to do this:


going to jp in jan. will be in tokyo area whats good arcade to go to for st might try playing for a night or something


Pretty good article from Muffin Man detailing his experiences in Japan. Includes a lot of good arcade info:


10 yen? Wow that is cheap.


Which day of the week are you looking at? Different arcades are hotspots for ST on different nights.


jan 3-12 ill be there


(Note: Tuesday at Versus were the only ones I were able to attend. The rest I know of from what others have told me)

Tuesday is really fun at Gamespot Versus because of the team battle. Lots of good players are usually there for it. It usually starts around 9:30ish but players start showing up around 6-7PM so you can get a few hours of really good causals before and after the team battle.

Wednesday - 500 yen free play at Mikado.

Thursday they have weekly events at Nakano Royal. Each week is a different type of tournament/event. I wasn’t able to go to any of these but MuffinMan went to one. You can maybe get in touch with him if you have more questions.

Friday - No official events but good casuals at Mikado. 500 yen free play at Game Newton.

Saturday - According to the Japanese Tournament Calendar, there will be a NVC Ranking Battle at Game Newton

Sunday - According to the Japanese Tournament Calendar, there will be a 3vs3 monthly team battle at Versus.


Just something fun I wanted to share:

Xiaohai plays ST!


In case you don’t know who he is: old-school KOF legend from China, won KOF98 at SBO the one year they ran that, has only started traveling to more international events in recent years, has been making a name for himself in SF4.

He played with us at Canada Cup just this past month.  No prize, no bets, joined just 'cause he wanted to.  His buddy Dakou recorded for a while, too.

I don’t know if it ever would’ve been Xiaohai’s main game, but he’s definitely put time into it.  I think our city (Vancouver) has some pretty strong players, and I believe he left with a winning record against everyone.

Barely speaks a lick of English.  Super friendly and a bonafide top player.  He won SF4 the next day.


cool thx


Not only is HEY super cheap at 10 yen per game, but I was there often in my recent 2 week stay and not once was there not at least 3 really good players there, day or night. Much more at night because of work schedules obviously but still, it’s crazy there. They dedicated the second 10 yen H2H setup to ST also, where before it used to be for KOF98/2002. So 2 H2H 10 yen setups for ST greet you as soon as you reach (I think?) 3rd floor.

I couldn’t stay for the team event @ Gamespot Versus but the best comp I saw was there on a Tuesday night. 50 yen per game. They have other stuff there also, including cvs2, the latest Blazblue version, KOF13, TTT2, and a few Nesica cabs. And a Gundam game, which I think I saw people playing on in literally every game center I went into in Tokyo.

Also wanted to mention that Mikado has a SF2 Rainbow edition hack and a cocktail cab running SF2 Hyper Fighting. I wish I knew about the X-Mania DVDs that Muffin mentioned, tho. It wasn’t visible in their glass case and I can’t speak a lick of Japanese so I would know how to ask. Whoever gets to visit there soon, I’d love for them to order some for the folks that couldn’t get otherwise. That 24-disc collection sounds like something I’d like.


I think that Gundam game is the most popular arcade game right now. Blows fighting games out of the water in terms of popularity.

I’m kind of surprised anyone plays ST in China. I hear there are barely a handful of SF2 cabs at all in that country.


Thanks to eltrouble for this great find and felinki for the translation! so much gold.
Imagine he speaks English and answers questions in this “ST in the house thread”, lol

So the rumor is true

“In SF2, sometimes the leniency for special move commands becomes longer than normal. This is so that even people who have trouble inputting the commands quickly enough can get them to come out occasionally, which will encourage them to practice more. But this means that maybe sometimes you’ll get a special move when you didn’t want it, so maybe that was a mistake?”

I can’t imagine if HDR or sf4 were developed with the help of the original team… we’d have avoided so many mistakes

I wonder if he actually recall the unblockable mistake just now or he didn’t bother to fix it. According to wiki he left capcom after 1995 so he could have fixed it at least in ST.


Wowww, this stuff is amazing!!

That reminds me, I posted this quite a while back but I never even thought to share it with the ST sub-forum until now.

This is definitely more fluff and way less meat than papasi’s link, but hopefully some of you enjoy it anyway.


Can’t believe it slipped my mind so long to mention that thread here, sorry about that. At least someone managed to end up finding it. I’m planning to keep adding more (there’s plenty of Final Fight-related material yet to be added), so keep your eyes on it.


Awesome stuff felineki, thanks!


hey deadfrog, any footage of xianhai owning in ST? :stuck_out_tongue: