Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


I hope so! Honestly, I’d have to check with the other guys. Normally I would’ve done some recording myself, but I was helping run brackets for other games at the time.


Put up a couple videos recently… read the descriptions of them if they are any questions…


Hey guys, two random game questions if anyone can help me out:

the throw invulnerability on wakeup - does that also apply to air recovery such as after a hold?

And testing some things out, I noticed the CPU in the DC version of SSF2X in training mode is sometimes completely unable to block on wakeup. Is it a CPU bug or deficiency that makes it impossible for them to block a low on the first hitting frame after wakeup?



Yes, it applies after a hold as well. So they can’t immediately throw you once you land from the hold, they to wait a few frames before they can do it again. This is why many throw loops involve at least one attack before doing the throw again, or simply waiting for half a second as they land before going for it.




22nd Ko-hatsu Super Street Fighter II X GMC tournament (with streaming)
Date: 2013-11-24 (next Sunday, tomorrow)
Time: 13:00 Japan, 4:00 AM United Kingdom, 2:00 Brazil/Argentina, 11:00 PM 23rd/11 East Coast, 8:00 PM 23rd/11 West Coast (five hours from now, as I post this message)
Rules:[list][]Three characters per player (see notes 1 and 3)
]Format depends on the number of entrants (see note 2)
]First character has to be declared to the referee
[]Cannot repeat characters
]Akuma/Gouki banned[/list]

Note 1: you have to use three different characters each match. Those need not be the same ones you will declare the next match - assuming you win.
Note 2: The format is single-elimination bracket, usually.
Note 3: SF2X-only (a.k.a. “X”, “ST” or “new”) and SSF2 (a.k.a. “S” or “old”) allowed, and considered different.

Stream: (only one station is streamed)

Info on previous events: (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

It looks Aniken will attend this event:


It turns out he and his brother have attended it. IIRC, they also had Superstar, Matsu, KKY, Gunze, Kikai and Yomiaido, among others.

Stream archive here:


Otochun styling without Chun against Kikai in grand finals.


Dang, haven’t played ST in about four years!!! I really miss it, even tho it was nothing but pure demolition coming up against guys like Wolmar n my boy Jumpsuit. Even played against u a couple times oldschool, don’t know if u recall UNV Rasta, always Ryu. Was laggy tho. Planning to hop back on as soon as I’m done with school





Not sure if I’m overthinking this or doing something stupid, but how exactly does the whiff-blocking work in this game? I’ve been realizing just how much I get locked down when someone throws a jumping jab or something while I’m holding a charge and then I end up being completely free to the pressure that follows.

I mainly play Honda so I’m usually holding down-back to prepare to headbutt a jump-in, but anything fairly close range I seem to be in my block animation the entire time and thus unable to do anything. Should I just be avoiding charging while at that range, or is it a matter of guessing if the opponent will do an early jumping attack or not?


I assume you’re talking about proximity blocking, which is when your opponent forces you to go into a block animation whenever they whiff an attack. Basically any move will force you to go into prox block at full screen, so it’s a very viable and high-level strategy in certain matchups.

Imo, it doesn’t really affect Honda, or charge characters in general, since they tend to hold downback to maintain charge anyways, and the ever-existing threat or a headbutt, buttslam, or ochio, pretty much negates a lot of mixups used against Honda.

But the way you counter it is to not go into the back or downback position, prox block won’t activate if you’re in neutral or forward positions, which is important in matches such as Ryu v. Ryu. This is why you see certain Japanese Ryus holding down-forward position. It negates prox block, and allows them to quick fireball or uppercut on reaction.


XSPR was kind enough to write up about his experience at Versus for the Xmas Eve East vs West Team Battle:


Apparently, according to a Komoda’s tweet (retweeted by Aniken), several strong players were around Nagase Outbahn yesterday. Including the legend Mayakon.

BTW, the 24th Ko-hatsu tournament stream archive is up: (lots of casuals there, with some O.Honda player butchering everyone).
That has annoyingly frequent adds, so one may want to wait for it to be uploaded on Youtube, which usually happens in a matter of days.

Edit: The YT video is up, but they’ve cut the casuals (maybe ranbat?) after the tournament.




Looks like Shogatsu from his playstyle… time to study this religiously… :slight_smile:


Is there anyone in Japan who plays O.Honda anywhere close to Shogatsu’s level? I haven’t seen anyone notable, if any.


I’d love to know if there are, but nothing that I’ve found. 99 times out of 100 it’s Shogatsu playing, and when its not, they don’t look nearly as strong.


According to Aniken, the issue of eating a full super or blocking the remaining 4 hits of a shinkuu hadou might be related to the number of hadoukens thrown in a round. I’m willing to test that, when I get the time. I was always wondering if it wasn’t related to some weird scroll-related effect, like Cammy’s cross-ups and reversal teleports.


I’m pretty sure it has solely to do with which part of your hurtbox the super connects with, alone with the stage scroll effect. In the case of Sagat, it’s both. As long as the stage doesn’t scroll, the super will connect. Otherwise, if super hits a low tiger shot, it will only hit once. If it’s a high tiger shot, all the hits will connect. This is the sole reason why Ryu’s super is only ever a threat against Sagat if he’s in the corner, or on the far edge of the screen, and why all smart Ryu’s will try to jump back or juice kick backwards after the super connects to help stop the stage from scrolling.

Not sure how it works against shotos, but it seems similar.