Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


Yup. Shmupmame or Groovymame with an ST emulator can run pretty close to arcade-perfect with the right speed settings. I highly recommend it for local gatherings.




Yup. Prove me wrong if you feel they aren’t close to arcade perfect without having to buy or build a supergun.


This just made my night:

So back story, I challenged him, he was playing O.Ryu. I beat him one match, he played again, and first round, I got him locked in tick throws, and he ragequit.

He sends me a new challenge, and the above ensues. Then he leaves out of the game, and sends “ggs” in the lobby.

I guess that’s the Japanese equivalent of beating me senseless because throwing is cheap. :coffee:


Hey guys, I was checking out some music sites and found this short documentary on videogame music’s influence on western artists, halfway into the video they go straight to Street Fighter 2’s music and it’s influence, it has some neat stuff and if you’re a fan of Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Oh No, Dizzee Rascal, Ladyhawke, etc… you may find something interesting here (also there’s a cool story in there from the composer about how Blanka’s theme was conceived). It’s episode 3.


night Thailand


Hi if any of your turderinos use IRC in the year 2014, I made a ST/SF2 channel over at irc dot mizuumi dot net called #superbturbob


90s revival!


I really want to get into ST; are any of the online communities (HDR, GGPO, Supercade) active, like you can get on and find a game, or are they more just for king of GGPO and events?


GGPO is pretty active atleast in europe at early mornings and after 16 gmt+1.

40ish people on atm.


CPU Akuma’s throw range.


lol. Love the shadow of dead bison there. Crazy throw range.


That’s pretty ridiculous.


i play very often on GGPO and never usually find myself waiting longer than 5 min for someone to match with. when i do, they are usually very friendly as well. on supercade, it’s mostly third strike that people seem to play from the little bit i’ve used it.

GGPO works really well, i’ve been having matches with my brother in thailand and they’ve been surprisingly smooth. im the US and most players in japan seem to be pretty lag-free as well. the way GGPO works, i don’t really understand, but it does a good job of hiding the lag that must be there. i’d recommend it


ggs to fart catcher at AE though u had input problems still great challenge and fun vs your old ken.


Battosai are those your cars? Which kind are they? For me, I’ve been doing well against Akuma players on GGPO. Seems like they don’t know how to use Akuma to make them broken or I just that damn good.


Gotta say it kinda grinds my gears that Evo has an old Smash game in their official lineup but doesn’t have anything for ST. Maybe it’s because kuroppi and everyone else involved with ToL/ToL2 did such an amazing job, but with him stepping down it would’ve made it easier to integrate back into Evo…

Regardless, I know there’s some stuff in the works and some Japanese presence this year assuming there’s an event, so I’m planning to make it out to whatever there is. It’s the only reason I’ll come south of the border :wink:


The problem with ST at large events isn’t lack of effort, it’s setups. No one can afford to have arcade perfect ST at events larger than like 50 people. If you hold it on HDR classic people won’t come.


Ugh. We have no one to blame but ourselves (and Capcom for not giving us a digital SF2 compilation release yet). Shit, we could even get a bunch of Dreamcasts and Toodle’s disks together and lend out DC adapters/Cthulhu sticks if that would assuage the “no CPS2 no play” whiners.


I agree with this assessment. Having the standard be arcade-perfect ST is a BIG issue for TOs. We’re lucky to have them at Evo, but this primarily due to the fact that we have a lot of TOs in California and in Vegas who have access to this equipment. The rest of the country is largely boned. VERY few people are willing to drop $500+ for arcade ST.

Even then, there’s the issue of gathering enough DC setups and sticks (the main problem) to hold ST. This is largely why the Undamned options are so attractive. We can let the players bring whatever modern sticks they prefer, which puts less stress on everyone involved.