Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


@eltrouble do you know what is the prejump frames for each characters?


Nope. Not really a technical frame data kinda guy. I just know what I know from basic play testing.


This is from 12 hours ago until about 5 minutes ago. I didn’t know I was still logged on…

So who is RisingStar? assjack/Ritual keeps complaining about his rog at the end of this chat


Oh shit!!! Even Goldie knows about that string on a quarter trick!!!


My 4 person team in this ratio tournament will be: Cammy, O. Dictator, Blanka, O. Honda…


Anyone have translation for this PV with Kurahashi and Kameraya?


Have to ask the other ST heads if they have a rough translation.


[quote=“ilitirit, post:4006, topic:13255”]

Anyone have translation for this PV with Kurahashi and Kameraya?


Kameraya is one of my favourite st players, thanks for this. Sorry no translation.

Is there any more footage of kameraya? I can’t seem to find many videos of him on YouTube.


Sparse footage on YouTube of his matches. As of last year, he’s still active in ST and still a good player. His footsies are insane.



Almost forgot. There’s complete footage of that Kurahashi v. Kameraya set they teased during a commercial break. Should all be on Daigo’s Beast YT channel.


Is Claw considered broken in this game?


He’s strong, but not broken. Akuma is broken, hence why he’s banned from most tournament play.


What makes a good street fighter imo is one that is honest and pretty much forces every character to play the ground game or else you die. ST is like this for most of the cast, What I hate about vega is he can win with nothing but gimmicks.

Compare a match like this…

To this…

Evo grand finals and Mao won with a vortex.


What’s the deal with this tourney?


You mean with GSV in general or just with them blanking out the health bars and supers? I’m pretty sure the latter is just an after-effect done on the stream station. They can’t actually do that to the arcade cabs. I guess it makes it more exciting for the viewers, but they generally don’t do this kind of stuff.


Gameplay seemed kinda weird too, so I was wondering if the players couldn’t see the health/super meter either. eg. Chun vs O.Boxer(?)


I’d honestly be extremely surprised if they found a way, or if they even bothered, managing to put those overlays on the arcade screens themselves. Highly unlikely though. And I’ve yet to hear of them hold tournaments where they covered it up with tape or anything like that.


Will USF2 soft ban Akuma instead of hard ban in America


Just saw some more USF2 footage.

No way Violent Ken and Evil Ryu will be allowed