Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


Didn’t know Akuma was this good in CVS2:


Well, I mean you can do that with a few instruments in real life, like putting cardboard or layers of post-it notes over the screen. We’ve done that before to Unessential just to troll him on his super meter in casuals.


The higher tiered characters are boring imo… too easy to play at a “elevated level, with ease”

I was patient and had fun just mastering the entire cast and the lower tiers are by FAR my favorite to play and win matches with.


Just purchased USF2, looks good EXCEPT - they should have allowed ORIGINAL INPUTS FOR SPECIALS, and NOT adjusted to the new HDRemix input remastered - HOPEFULLY the creators can make an update allowing this.
Glad to have SF back on NINTENDO !!!


Is this true?

I thought it was proven that inputs on “turbo” frames were dropped?


If you look at this replay until you get to Claw (it may take a while), you can see that World Warrior Claw has 2 types of Barcelona Attacks. 1 attack is where he extends his arms and the other attack is where he doesn’t extend his arms and keep his arms crossed. The one where he keeps his arms crossed is actually the command throw version of the Izuna Drop (2 complete different moves) where his arms stay crossed until he grabs you. But, for some reason if you are out of throw range, his claw still has a hitbox to where you get hit like in the following replay:


Do other CPU controlled Claws have this ability like CE, HF, Super, and Super Turbo, etc?


DAMN. Forgot about this. Might have to check this out:


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo — Results

  1. Myung (Vega)
  2. Largemann (Balrog, Guile, Dee Jay)
  3. KennyV (Dee Jay, Ryu)
  4. Zass (Balrog)
  5. Dickson (Guile, Ryu)
  6. Tez (Ryu, O. Sagat)
  7. IEC|Brentobox (Vega)
  8. Boxtown|Hilary (Chun-Li)

Went 2/2. Lost to Myung 3-0. Lost to Chris 3-2. Great games regardless!

Tez = NYChrisG by the way



I recently discovered some new tech. Sorry about the quality, I’ll make another video later

If you do a 0 frame move on the opponents landing frames, it is impossible for them to block standing. This is deadly against Sim, Rog, Bison and Gief because they have no choice but to crouch block. All you need is one throw to end the game.


So it works similarly to O.Shotos unblockables, but done outside of wakeup timing?


Yeah, but you can block these by crouching. It works with kens hp.dp and ryus air tatsu. I’m not sure what other moves are 0 frames. I would love to know whats going on here.


No one’s talking about the 5k tournament?


Oh we are.


Anybody know what is going on here? It looks similar to the ‘stance’ glitch with Guile in one of the older SF2 games.


Good time for this:



Just stopping by to say “Hi.” I miss this game and I miss you clowns. I hope all is well and that I see some of you on-line with the SF30 collection.

Xoxoxoxox - Fatty


Glad to see you still lurking around SRK Forums. Nowadays 99% of the discussion around ST happens on FB and Twitter though.


They’re shutting it down, so good time to say hi!

Hope we get to play again someday, fatboy. Wish you the best, sir.


@fatboy posts on here and BOOM, forums get shut down.

Way to go, fatty!


@Kuroppi - That hurts… my soul…

OH! BTW Afrocole (@A-Dhalsim) mention there’s a TOL3 with the Release of SF30. Any credence to that? ( @eltrouble )