Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house


A lot of credence. It’s already been announced on Facebook groups, Twitter,, et al. It’s a real thing! Qualifiers all over the place culminating in the main event which will take place at Canada Cup 2018.



Damn… I am so out of touch.


Does FightCade 2 include Street Fighter II - the world warrior (boss hack) & Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition (boss hack)


How do I beat cpu cammy? She hooligans over my ryu fireballs, and instant canon spikes my jabs. No cpu character gives my so much trouble. I can clear arcade mode with the most of my losses to vega and sagat, when I see cpu cammy come up I just quit.

I’m playing the japanese version of the game.
4/medium difficulty


BIG MATCH NOW!!! Went to battle 81. I win more than he does later on in the battles!!! 2 hours!!! replay:challenge-3477-1526284847.86@ssf2xj


Replay of the XMania Europe V Solo and Team formats which occured both in Vierzon, France, few weeks ago. Probably one of the hypest tournaments that has ever been in the european ST Scene, with guys like Wolmar, TMF, SpinalBlood, Myco, Zagi, Balcork, Max, Kouni and many others. The set up was sick !

XMania Europe V Solo Top 8 :

Brackets :

XMania Europe V Team Top 16 :

Brackets :

XMania Europe V Team Top 4 :


I signed up for NWM 10 ST ToL3 qualifier…


Do we have to have an EVO 2018 pass in order to play in the ToL3 qualifier? The ToL3 qualifier is not an official EVO game…


Cross post…

These people should not be in the MNF top 8 double elimination qualifier because they qualified already:

afro legends
Digital Infamy


According to this:

A lot of people should not be in the top 8 ToL3 qualifiers for Monday, 8/13/2018:

For example, RenoMD already qualified. So the runner up of that qualifying week should be in the top 8 qualifiers…

Will this happen??? Let’s see and find out!!!


In the house!!!

Should have stuck with Balrog/“Barlog”/Claw last night instead of switching characters VS H_Zero and his Old Sagat…


Will this be on a real, legit Japanese arcade cab with the real ROM and not emulated at Canada Cup???