Super Street Fighter IV AE Patch Incoming

Hello fellow Rufus players, how are you faring? Capcom just announced a free balance patch coming soon and it’s possible that Rufus could receive buffs, more nerfs or worse no changes. As a fellow Rufus main here are the buffs I hope to see for him.

[]Being able to cancel off his far standing medium punch or kick.
]Ex Messiah damage back to its Super iteration or 110-120 damage.
[]Changes to his hitbox, make it difficult too vortex him.
]1000 Stun.
What are your buff suggestions for Rufus and why.

Great thread.

Here is what I posted on Capcom Unity under the balance patch thread:

Now that Yun & Yang are in the game with every option under the sun and every second character has a divekick of some kind, **please give something back to the only character to receive big nerfs in every iteration of SF4 - Rufus. **

That’s right it’s time to drop the fattist discrimination and make Rufus better - at the very minimum please make his U2 a threat again. A damage reduction if it is used as an AA would have been fine, but making it do one hit and the damage of a normal was just too much.

Also Rufus’ block strings are terrible, his only safe string is chaining 3 or 4 cr shorts. At the very least please fix his BNB (cl.short,Fierce->GT) so that it is a true blockstring to stop all the SRK mashing. I mean it’s already a 1 frame link! Also his roll has a slow startup and covers a short distance, it makes sense he should be able to combo of it on hit.

Currently in AE there is absolutely no reason to pick Rufus over Yun or Yang ( Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, MDR etc have all dropped him for Yun or Yang). Please give him some improvements so that he is no longer obsolete in the game.

Appreciate the consideration.

Ultra 2 needs to be a good anti air again…

Fix EX Messiah so it doesn’t go over some crouching characters on hit.

I completely agree, Yun makes Rufus feel neutered by comparison. Rufus has been knocked to low mid tier in AE.

He needs 50 to 100 health back. He needs it so EX Messiah doesn’t fly over crouching characters on hit (right on, Paceyz), he needs EX Messiah damage back.

Even if you made him Vanilla Rufus, but without the broken EX SS damage, he’d still be like a mid-high mid character in AE.

That’s why I’d also like to suggest: better hitbox on s.HK so that it scoops up moves like Ryu’s c.MK for instance. Faster startup/recovery on c.HK, better range on c.MK (make it a viable poke/footsie tool).

Capcom doesn’t give a damn about Rufus, I’m sorry to say. His lack of popularity caused them to give him un needed nerfs. He was never top 5 in any version of the game, except arguably Vanilla. Why nerf a mid tier character, Capcom? I love Rufus, but he’s simply too weak in SF4AE. I pray Capcom gives us some nice buffs.

Also increase the damage on his BnB. It was nerfed from Vanilla to SSF4, and I swear it feels like it’s been nerfed again in AE. It just does NO damage anymore, compared to Yun’s BnB’s. It’s bull shat.

All he needs is anti air u2 to do at least half the hits as usual, ex messiah doing full hit and being able to do far roundhouse ( the forward walk juggling kick ) by inputting forward roundhouse. Anything else is kinda retarted imo…

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I’ll be happy to see target combo no longer whiffing against some characters and yes, the BNB no longer 1-frame.
At the very least, a revert to the Super version of Rufus.

Okay Im gonna be very blunt and honest here because a lot of you guy want changes to rufus that are RETARTED… hes hard to use at high level takes a good level of character and matchup knowledge to even be good with him and I say as he is now hes pretty much perfect.

Buff EX-Messiah damage
Don’t have EX-Messiah whiff point blank on half the cast crouching
Don’t have target combo whiff point blank on half the cast crouching

Takes good character and matchup understanding to be good at any character. He’s harder work than Ryu, Yun, Yang and Fei Long at the moment (to name some); having to work harder to win implies a character is worse; being hard to use at high-end play originally isn’t a selling point. Gen for one was never popular because of the amount of work and practice that had to be invested when players could use Ryu who is never terrible and easier to pick up.

Um what about Viper? Juri? Makoto? and Akuma? All are hard as hell to use at high level play But they are still used…

Some people want to play as those characters either because they’re macho, trying to prove a point, love those characters or suit their playstyle the best. It does not change how good characters are. I for one play as Rufus because he fits my playstyle the best even if he’s not the best character and stick with him instead of Yun because I’m not willing to discard a few year’s worth of investment.

well anyways Rufus doesnt need any buffs just Bug Fixes IMO… anything else is scrubs needing training wheels.

I agree with Haiku. Rufus is still a very good character. He doesn’t need most of the changes you guys are asking for. It’s kinda pointless comparing Rufus to Yun in a thread about balance changes as well. I mean, think about it, Yun’s going to get nerfed anyway.

EXACTLY rufus is fine as he is he just needs small tweeks to things now.

No one is asking for a free win, you say people’s suggestions are stupid but then you give two of the most retarded suggestions for changes in the entire thread.

If they’re not going to change the messiah kick, meter building, or frame data on his moves, they should boost his overall damage.

WTF shut up scrub i asked for his EX messiah to not whiff and for u2 to do half hits on ANTI air STFU. Half these people are asking for stupid shit like his BNB to be a 2 frame link and more target combos. GTFO bitch.
and what 2 changes are this that I suggested that are so retarted? Fucking faggit.

How is asking for a bigger frame window on a 1-frame link stupid? Shouldn’t have to fight a controller or anal input rules, should be fighting opponents with the combo.

Take your meds broseph.