Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition GOOD Games



Looks like some of us were lucky enough to buy the game before and online battles are up!

GGs to everyone I faced!


gg’s to damdai, your ryu is too fucking good.


good games to everyone i played last night


gg’s to googlymyname, biltzsomething, and havetopoopbadly even tho u were kinda mashing with t hawk = P

edit* also gg’s to ryan2df. After you bounced, i got like 2 more wins and then the salt evaporated all the slugs in the room = (

double edit* also gg’s to the godlike session until 7am starring smoothviper, mike infinite, citiofbrass, rico suave, adnannyc, iperfectlegend, philly one, and yours truly. endless battle is too fucking good.


good games citiofbrass,mariodood,frantactic and randoms in team battle. man I still cant beat COB…:xeye: I gotta learn these matchups first lol…


GG’s again tonight to ryan2df, philly one, L7 zero cool, and whoever was on ross nasty’s account doing hilarious fuckin commentary.


Good Games to whoever i played recently


GG’s Sabr3 always fun playing you man. Ultraaa if your reading this I love your Sim. It felt like I was playing ST Sim again :smiley: The other guys from Arizona always a pleasure.


GG. He is very, very, very far from my main. So I won’t take offense to that lol

GGs to all I’ve played so far! I kinda miss Vanilla SF4 player matches, because you can at least tell if your opponent is doing random select (which I fucking LOVE doing) :frowning:


gg to you too sir =)


gg to you too sir =)


GG’s Adnan … sick Dhalsim. Gun Blade reppin’ Hakan. truehood with the nasty Akuma. And everyone else from SRK I’ve run into. Seen a lot of familiar names out there.

I really like the “endless battle” system. Maybe it’s just because it’s been pre-relase, but it seems like it’s easier to consistently find and fight against solid players.


Hey good games Sabre! I played your Cody with Hakan last night… You got some links! :smiley:


GG Sabre, played you with Viper a bit, lulz at losing a match cause I didn’t block the 2nd part of Cody’s ultra, guess you gotta learn these things at some point.


Good games to JoeRosio and Halfro… bring back memories. Don’t know if I ran into any other SRKer’s but looking forward to the learning curve.


GG’s to every1 i played 2day while grinding battlepoints, #9 honda on xbl get hype lol


damn good games Chris muro, HALFro, snnaakke!!! CHUN, darkGX5, REXXXsoprano and REXstrider and everybody else damn I need to get super practice at this game I am soooooooooo nub at this now!


Good game to Empirion, T. Hawk mirrors all the way :slight_smile:


gg’s to you guys too.

haha yeah i lucked out when you didnt block the last hit. missed my link into ultra. i should have lost =)


GGs to all the people in my Endless Battle tonight, fun times XD.

It’s nice being able to chat with other players~