Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition GOOD Games



GGs to everyone who plays in the morning like me
I don’t know if anyone I’ve played is here on SRK or not
its my first time posting here


GGs to XxSoloX or something like that. Impressive Viper. Most Impressive!


GG’s to anyone I may have come across recently. Took a extended break from SF, just got back into it and learning Rose.


yea gg i fought u last week i was the rog …gg to anybody i faced.


GGs to everyone i faced this month and im new here on shoryuken if wanna fight me add me as a friend


Good Games to Banana Ken PR for scraping the shit out of me and making me realize that at least the tops know how to use their brain while playing.


GGs to Firestorm. Had alot of fun vs your Makoto. Hopefully, the next time I fight your friend, he won’t be as salty when he loses. Lol


He ROm, can we get some games in soon?


Not sure if I have played anyone form here in a long time but, GGS to everyone last night. Got my ass handed to me handily last night but didn’t get salty about. Sometimes you are just outclassed.


yeah man!! Get at me!!


Whats ur. Gamertag?


ggs to anyone i played tonight.


GGs to anybody I played tonight. Haven’t played in months, so I was getting styled on XD.


GGs to people who dont leave after winning or losing one match, and people who dont taunt for doing lame stuff.


GG’s to RyuSRK, SUPERSTARX, PAPPICHULOX4, CZackAttack, Keelijoo, Mathyuu


GG to KempoMan…Great set the other night, love your Gief and Bison. Definitely made my Shotos work overtime, especially your Bison.


Anyone ever play Iluv2nutinURmom or something like that? Dude is good with everybody and apparently has never touched ranked. Totally took me by surprise in a lobby


GGs to everybody I played tonight~


Yo! Been awhile but I’m back in the game. Anyone up for some matches. My Adon is ok.


GGs from anyone who Iplayed even with my salty subs. My claw still stains with the victories though ;D