Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



PSN ID: dbostick
Location: Southern California
Time Available: late night preferably
Main Characters: Dee Jay, E. Honda, we’ll see about the others…

Super Noob looking for someone to teach me street fighters

PSN ID: BeyondTheFlames
Location: NorthWest
Time Available: mostly at nights, random times at weekends.
Main Characters: Vega, Juri, Cody, Adon.

Need players to help me get better
Looking for players? Looking for help? Look here! Don't make a thread!
Intermediate Player Help
Shoryuken SF4: Matchmaking thread (Online Edition)
Local Players

:cybot: Stickied… dood!


PSN: MyBodyIsInfested
Location: MidWest
Times Available: Late night
Main: Starting with Makoto, but who knows…


PSN ID: jongzor
Location: Southern California


PSN ID: TheArkayne
Location: Midwest - Ohio
Time Available: Whenever im online?
Main Characters: Abel/Juri/Cody


PSN ID: elgeneral
Location: So Cal
Time Available: Evenings
Main Characters: Guile all day long!


So all you people have the game already? Because I want to play some fools today and tomorrow.

mains: Dictator, Ibuki, Adon, Hakan


PSN ID: HitenMitsurugi94
Location: Southern California
Time Available: Evening/Night
Main Characters: Cody, Sagat, Ryu.


PSN ID: FujiwaraDashing
Location: Maryland
Time Available: Nights and Weekends
Main Characters: Dee Jay, Ibuki, Guy, Makoto, Rose, Abel, Adon, Juri, Cody (At beginner’s level for the new characters.)


PSN ID: Apecension
Location: North Jersey
Time Available: Nights and Weekends
Main Characters: Chun, Juri, some Ryu


PSN ID: FPS_Absynthe
Location:: Baltimore, MD
Time Available: Randomly. But mostly Nights and Weekends.
Main Characters: To Be Determined…


PSN ID: ktm0066
Location: Texas
Time Available: all day every day
Main Characters: TJ Combo, Armaddon, Mr. Taffy, Rasputin


PSN ID: red177
Location: Texas
Time Available: mostly at nights
Main Characters: Guy,ken, guile and maybe Juri o.0


Dudley, ?, Sim and Hakan?


PSN Id: Absynth13
Location: UK (Glos)
Time Available: Weekends and After 5PM most weeknights
Main Characters: Ibuki,Cammy, (Guy)


PSN ID: TheMighty3X
Location: New York
Time Available: Afternoons & Evenings before 10PM EST, All day Mondays & Saturdays
Main Characters: Ryu, Guy, Chun Li


WTF? Double post FTL…


psn id: sung_moon
location: bristol pa
any east coasters can feel free to add me for any practice


PSN ID: krazykraka
Location: South Cali
Time: Nights/Weekends
Chars: Makoto,Adon,Viper

if you add me, let me know you’re from SRK!