Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



GT: KakashiKopyKat

Location: New York
Main: Learning Viper but I also play Rose

No mic
Looking for friends to play with


GT: Incapacitant
Location: UK
Do have mic

Looking for friends/people who can help me start to get good at this game. Definitely need a little guidance lol


XBL: AVC Skeme
Location: New York City
Time: almost everyday from about 4pm on
Characters: i can play a little bit of everyone just looking for more people to practice on line Cody, Ryu, Rolento, Adon, Gouken, Guile, Akuma
Mic: Yes


XBL: DTB SmoothBunz
Location: Pennsylvania
Characters: Main: M.Bison and Cody…Trying to learn Yun, Rolento, and Guy
Time: every day after 10pm eastern standard time
Mic: Yes


XBL: onimeno14
Location: Pennsylvania
Character: Makoto and Ibuki kind of stopped playing ibuki, Learning Yun, and thinking about learning cody
Time:Everyday until college lets back in after that it will be anytime after 4 pm or so
Mic: Yes
On a side note if there are any makoto players out there or yun definitely i could use some help my makoto is good but i struggle and certain match ups and there are holes that could be filled to turn into a better makoto always open for critique and just like to get better overall at street fighter and my characters.


XBL Tag: Orochi Aizen
Location: DFW, Texas
Character: M. Bison, still looking to fine tune a 2nd (T. Hawk) and 3rd (Hugo)
Time: Weekdays before 3 p.m. & after 11 p.m. Weekends vary
Mic: Yep

I picked up SF4 a few months ago and I got one friend who’s also serious about getting better at this game but is slacking lately. Looking for a partner or group to practice endlessly, gain knowledge, and make a name in the FGC eventually.


XBL OG Swiizy
I’m using Guile I’m in NYC haven’t traveled to NLBC in awhile would like to use online for match-up’s


XBL: SpacedSky
Location: Louisville, KY
Chars: Ibuki, Makoto, and learning Juri
Time: Anytime in the afternoon and most nights, Eastern time

I main Ibuki and would really love to get some match-up knowledge. I’ve been playing since Super came out and try to play every day possible.


*Location:*Michigan, USA
*Characters:*Vega, Balrog(kinda), trying to pick up T. Hawk
Time:(going by EST/EDT) Anytime between 1PM and midnight
*Mic:*Yes, but I don’t really use it


Location: So-Cal
Characters: E.Ryu, Ryu(only two I’m on right now)
Time:Often, Very Often.
Mic: Si

Use to be decent 5 years ago, but that type of time off can kill anyone’s game. Looking to take some beatings & learn.


Hey, anyone interested in an online league with cash prizes and a small entry fee? I’m thinking about starting one up. probably have to be US only for lag purposes. I would also come up with rules to weed out cheaters, I think it can be done. If so hit me up.


XBL: Teh Morph
Location: NorCal Bay Area
Times: Nights and Weekends
Main: Juri, Dudley,Akuma
Learning: Evil Ryu, Ibuki, Hugo


Xbl docmorales24
current location is Okinawa Japan
main dhalsim
I’m really just looking for anybody in the Okinawa area that’s pretty savvy with the fgc here. Lag is bad, so if you’re in america you shouldn’t try and play me


it says xbox live thread but w.e my GT for 360 is OG Swiizy


XBL: SoraTehGoon (will be changed to TaiteFGC soon)
Location: Central Alabama
Time: Fridays-Sundays. I’m a high school student and a JROTC Cadet, so my time is pretty varied.
Character: No solidified main, but I can play Sakura, Juri, and Guy
Mic: No, but I can pick one up!


If there’s anyone in the state of california, I’m looking for training partners. If there’s anyone new to SF, I’d be happy to help ease you into the game and learn characters.

XBL GT: Ghidorah14
Location: California
Time: I’m free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight.
Characters: Juri, Dudley, Akuma, Ken, Cammy, Balrog.
Mic: I have one. It would make things easier if you did as well.


XBL GT: L KingJasper L
Location: California
Time: I’m free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight or even later.
Characters: Still trying to find one
Mic: Yes prefer if you have one too


XBL: S7AR 68
Location: North Carolina
Time: Anytime is fine
Characters: C.viper, Sakura, Makoto, Cammy, Juri, Poison
Mic-I have one I just don’t use it

I’m new so if there are any other beginners who want to practice msg me anytime.


XBL: Onika Maraj 08
Location: Toronto, ON
Availability: late afternoon, late evenings
Mains: Chun li, decapre, cammy, blanka, juri but I’ll play almost all characters
Mic: have a cheap one but I rarely use it

Relatively new to the game, but I can hold my own quite often. People who are intermediate level and below preferred. Hit me up!


XBL: DaBeast48 (made in 6th grade lol)
Location: Texas
Time: Whenever
Juri, E. Ryu, Oni

Add me and just send me a message saying you’re from SRK.
Not amazing at all so novices feel free to practice with me