Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



SRK Name: Jacky
XBL Tag: Neisons
Location: Long Island, NY
Characters: Cody

I just got the game two days ago, I’m trash. Need people to play with so I could get better. Please add me.


SRK Name: Varia
XBL Tag: VariaZero
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
Characters: Sakura

Need to improve, I didn’t play for a month and regretted it.


SRK Name: bodenton
XBL Tag: bodenton
Location: Hollywood, fl
Characters: cody, guy,

looking to practice and improve, feel free to add me.


SRK Name: Machorhombus
XBL Tag: PenguinShivers
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Characters: Zangief, Sagat on ocassion


SRK Name: WBXtreme
XBL Tag: willenglishiv
Location: Chicago, IL
Characters: Dudley, Ryu


SRK Name: Mr.SNK
Location: Arizona
Characters: E.Honda


SRK Name: Koolersama
XBL Tag: Ko0lersama
Location: Ny
Characters: Blanka


XBL Tag: Dope Is Mikey
Location: Washington D.C.
Characters: Cody, Guile


SRK Name: wantonx
XBL Tag: ROFLhawse
Location: Ga
Characters: Gouken and some other alts when I’m feeling saucy


SRK Name: Melfice X
XBL GamerTag: Melfice X
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Characters: Ryu, Evil Ryu, Akuma

Looking for some XBL friends from SRK…


[FONT=Helvetica]SRK Name: Darksydefluffy
XBL Tag: darksydefluffy
Location: Saint Louis Missouri
Characters: Blanka Honda Guile Boxer Dictator[/FONT]


SRK Name: ArmacDriver
XBL Tag: AddamStark
Location: Louisiana
Characters: Cammy, Abel


SRK Name: KageVincent
PSN: CodeVincent
XBL: KageVincent
Location: NYC
Characters: Gouken, Ibuki, Sagat


XBL: Norieaga
Location: East Coast
Characters: Gouken (main), Akuma, Rose, Ryu, Dee-Jay, Cammy, M. Bison
Skill: solid fundamental player, won’t do anything stupid when I play but I won’t really “wow” you either

Add me if you enjoy chatting and playing at the same time. Ideally I’d like to do endless battle with a bunch of people while in a party chat.


SRK Name : SamuraiGuy
XBL Tag : RenanS3D
Location : Pará, Brazil
Characters : Guy


SRK Name: rushton
XBL GT: rushton21
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Character: Sagat

Still a beginner player points float around 1k, I am a B Sagat, looking for some consistent endless battles.


SRK name: Matchat

XBL GT: Pumped Aaron

Location: Washington State, USA

Character: Sagat ?Rose? (contemplating this, I’ll probably play her SOMETIMES)

Beginner Player in terms of skills, but I’ve -very- casually played some “looser” fighting games (Super Smash Bros. Powerstone) for a long time.


SRK: Ninja Philosopher
Characters: I mostly main my high rank Claw but I also sub E. RYU, YANG, BOXER, GUY and IBUKI. Also have a decent knowledge of all other characters.
Live in UK and I share the account with two brothers so me being online is hard at times.

An intermediate player, willing to teach and be taught. There is always something to learn.


SRK Name: drwill439
Xbox Live Gamertag: DrW1ll439
Location: Columbia, South Carolina for the next couple months, then Atlanta, Georgia around mid November
Character: Cammy

I’m trying to get into the competitive scene just for fun. I’m always up for any advice or critiques from other players, along with any sparring requests as soon as I get my Internet set up.


SRK name: Halberdius
Location: Los Angeles,California
Character: Andore Hugo