Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



SRK Name: Manny_O
XBL Tag: mannyo1232
Location: Connecticut
Character(s): Juri, Viper


SRK Name: Elderdruid44
XBL Tag:MisakixCybuster
Location: Connecticut ( East Coast)
Characters: Undecided.


XBL GT: El Qwik Draw
Location: nyc
Character: Balrog


location:So Cal
Characters: Rog, Ryu


XBL Tag: Shadow Nanaya
Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania
Characters: Juri, Akuma


XBL: Kacom
Location: South Jersey
Characters: Blanka, Rose, Dudley


SRK Name:TaiHyuga
XBL Tag : graytrigger
Location : Brooklyn NY
Characters: Ibuki,Ryu


SRK Name: JoeresioREX
XBL Tag : joeresiorex
Location : World wide Earth
Characters: T. Hawk, Ryu, Balrog


SRK Name: Mickel Brown
XBL Tag: vVv Yokosho Current (other : vVv MStaR)
Location: London, UK
Characters : Main : Sakura


SRK Name: Monkeybeer
XBL Tag: Monkeybeerhax
Location: Long Island/Manhattan
Characters: Dudley, Balrog, and Deejay.


SRK Name: Nphect
XBL Tag: Love Delibastus
Location: Spokane, WA
Characters: Balrog, Ryu, Juri, and a few others


SRK Name: PhilDSnutz
XBL tag: Sickest Kid
Location: Orangevale CA
Characters: Guile, Dan. (I’m serious.)


Location: Monroe, WA
Characters: Vega, Juri mainly. been messing with Abel.


SRK Name: captpancakes
XBL Tag: CptPancakes
Location: Arkansas
Characters: whoever


SRK Name: Sean’s Apprentice
XBL Tag: Dusted Twilight
Location: Central Maryland
Characters: Adon, Dee Jay, Juri, Rose, Abel, Ibuki, Makoto, Cody

I have the game for both systems so if im not on one, im on the other.


SRK NAME: kewlbub 2
XBL Tag: kewlbub 2
Location: PA
Character: Ryu


SRK Name: K3lloggz
XBL Tag: Generalkills17
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Characters: Balrog, Ken, guy, adon, (more soon lolz)


SRK Name: Veserius
XBL Tag: Veserius
Location: Long Beach, CA
Characters: Blanka, Dee Jay, Claw(Working on Boxer and a few others)


SRK Name: PointBreak91
XBL Tag: PointBreak91
Location: Canvey Island, England
Characters: T. Hawk, most of the girls, maybe Cody


Pretty new to XBL

SRK Name: Roy0
XBL Tag: ThaBlackF1ash
Location: Somerset, NJ
Characters: Chun-Li, Makoto. I also play a little bit of Balrog and I’m trying to learn a good amount of the cast.