Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)

Los Angeles, CA SSFIV for PSN

anyone want to play? if so Ill log on, my PSN is dreampills

Hey I’ll play. I use Guy and Ryu. My psn is plateface1. I live in West La. We should have a solid connection. I am usually on from 8pm to 1am on weekends. Cya!

Add me too

I’m from Riverside County, I think we’ve played before a long time ago.

I’m in LA/Santa Monica area. My psn is Gymburn

Hit me up.

add me too – dualmatrix

Trying to get better in SSFIV.

Anyone looking for a few games of Super Street Fighter IV? I’m decent, Trying to get a lot better. I’m trying to work towards being good enough to play in local tournaments. So anybody looking for some casuals can easily get some if you add me or post your PSN so I can add you.

My PSN is Omnipotent12

Just because it says I’m trying to get better, Don’t think that if your not good enough to help me get better as a player then I would not want to face you because that isn’t the case. I’m willing to fight anybody.


PSN: shorty235

89/55 pp/bb lol, not too great but I’m honestly trying. Pretty much the same goal here too, I want to get good enough to attend next years EVO (hopefully SSF4 will still be the “in” game next year).

Also, currently living in Germany. Dunno if that will affect anything?

Lol thanks for accepting my challenge, I’m not to good myself. Like I can FADC and what not, But I’m not up to date at the overall fundamentals. But yeah Looking forward to facing you :slight_smile:

if you want some sim matches you can add me as smashtheit or turboreka (or both). I have a JP account under my nick here, but I rarely use that one. I’m decent, but currently learning the TE-stick. Only used it for a short period of time so I would much appreciate some endless matches myself.

Just add me on the name you use the most lol



haha : D will do, just mentioned them all because it’s supahfly and you know you gotta catch em all

Just so you guys know, I’m gona be practicing with my TE fightstick.

could i join? PSN Xrii, im pretty decent and i want to get better, i haven’t quite decided on a main yet but i know i am rather competent at fighting games. I still only play on PS3 controller, i have no money for a stick and i have been wanting one for ever. I still have some troubles with combos because i don’t completely understand all of the intricacies of capcom fighters.

Ofcourse you can play :slight_smile:

add me. I want to get in to IV. I really suck at it now but starting to get the timing down.

PSN: driftlogic

Go ahead and give me an add; from your av I’m guessing you’re a Ryu player, and me and my Dudley could most certainly use some practice against shotos like yourself.

I’m a balrog user actually lol, But ryu avatars are cooler so I use them more ;]

Actually I’m a Balrog, Ryu, Sagat user but I’m trying to improve overall.

If any of you are actually on PSN then add me up, If not then I’ll add you up when I get on.

add me my psn is jonnitti. btw i suggest that you go to local tournaments anyway. you will learn a lot more playing offline than you will online. by going local you also meet people who are in your area and you can set up things where you meet up and play.

I know, I’m trying to get better with my fightstick so I can bring it to local tournaments.