Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)


I main ken but im from the uk so wont be able to play a lot of people on here. Psn is sora3960


Hit me up if you wanna do some matches! I’m down in SoCal and am always up for some practice. PSN: RGOnaut


Hey, RGO! We fought yesterday.

I live on the west coast of the US. Looking for people who can help me improve. My main is Chun, and I usually hover around the 600-1000 PP range. Looking for peeps higher than that. :slight_smile:

PSN: bossguyplanet


PSN_haitian_akuma. My main is pretty obvious. Also looking to train another player. Looking to join Orlando tournament next year. Location : Orlando Florida


I’m in socal my PSN: poke52 I’m a beginner player wanna grind to get better usually play from 1pm to 4pm


My big bro is looking for competition… heavy competition. So if anyone is up for it sometime find him here or on the PSN: Vega_User . He’s not me so come with it lol.


I am looking for street fighter players from any of the following states CAlifornia Texas Florida Arizona or Washington state. If you are from any of the states I mentioned add me on psn:bik44. Thanks you


Washington, DC/ Maryland area here - PSN - mirahge_66


Just joined the site, because I honestly need some help. Sorry if this turns into a rant ,but its been a frustrating day. I’ve had this game for the longest but I suck so bad at 2d fighters that I avoided it for the longest. I’ve been practicing for about 2 months now and I can see improvements which I am happy about my execution has improved greatly and I can best the computer now.

The problem is finding players online so far I’ve befriended 2 players who say I got the basics down, but just need to play more, although I appreciate it I don’t really believe it since I get my ass kicked online. Im not blaming anyone but myself I know its me and even though I lose I still keep trying because im determined to understand this game.

I haven’t won a match yet but I don’t care about winning the problem is getting enough matches in. Today I kept getting kicked for no reason what so ever. I don’t expect to get good at this game overnight I know people have been playing this series for years. All I ask I for some people to run some sets with so I can observe, learn, and improve. Like I said I don’t care that much about winning but I would like someone who’s nice and patient enough to let a scrub in their lobby. I have SSF4 AE and my tag is Killjoke1992.


hey guys , beginner here, looking for some players to regular practice with,
i dont really have a main yet but giving dudley a shot. psn- guts559 region- eu
skill level - the host has removed you from the session


PSN: Shinjitsu_Ryu.
Region: Canada
Main right now is Akuma But I also play Ryu as well. I’m Somewhat new and not used to the game yet I want to improve myself and understand the game better. I’ll accept and play, players from all skill levels.


Psn Id: Dan10257-

I’m not very good. Understand the game somewhat. I don’t use Dan. Endless would be great! :smile:


I play ibuki have been playing for a month just looking for others to play against with similar skill psn is meneses297


Hi all. I have been playing for a few months. I am an oni loyalists looking for good games, to level up from,with people who actually know how to play and don’t just jump all day and mash buttons. Feel free to add me on psn. i_kentucky_i


Hello! I am pretty damn new to fighting games in general but I have really gotten into them. As of now I am playing Makoto/Poison but I will probably play more Poison. Looking for anyone to spar/train with at any level. If you are of higher tier than me (which is pretty much everyone) then pointers and the like would be much appreciated! As of now I am still deciding whether I want to learn “by feel” or go through the hundreds of SF guides (probably will end up doing a mixture of both) since that seems like what you have to do anyways. Anyways if you add me please take good care of me :slight_smile:

PSN ID: LiquidShu


i play from early in the morning till late at night looking for some to go on a no life spar to train with my psn is chiefson_


**Hey PSN Forums, I’m ShockBeast on PSN. Add me if you need Blanka/Guile Match-Up Experience in USF4 & Reference SRK Posting in the Friend-Request. I can also play Ryu/Hugo if requested as Secondaries but they need more polish. I always need Matchup Experience vs. All Chars. I only Play Endless so I can focus on the Matchups rather than that Points Crap. I also Stream a USF4 PSN Online Weekly Endless Lobby followed by Tourney. For more Info, Go to the Announcement SRK Link Below. Come hang Out, Train, & have some fun in chat, we’re a super chill group that gather for some training, tourney, & runbacks. LOL :slight_smile:


PSN: Veo_Disturb
In illinois, mainly play Adon, jus looking for USF4 players to get good with, i have a mic and skill level is irrelevant, though experienced players are always cool for tips


PSN: Nomorerulers

Doesnt matter where i live. Looking for some 1000pp or lower players to help each other improve. I’m a scrub and i know it. Would appreciate some people to be able to compete with but also get some constructive critism from as well. Message me on PSN or here.


Central Canada (Manitoba) player looking for sparring matches. I main Rose and alt with Vega/Bison. Between 1000 and 2000 pp range for now.

PSN Mr_Sinister_85