Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2013?

Could we get a thread up about the current status and information regarding the update? I find it difficult to find information.

I apologize if there already is one, I didn’t see it.

Somewhat disappointing that we haven’t seen any news concerning the upcoming patch, but I have a sneaking suspicion that something will be announced at EVO. Most seemed to be of the opinion that given that large number of changes likely to be included in this patch, we probably weren’t going to see it drop until the end of the year… perhaps right in time for the launch of the new game systems.

End of the year? Seriously?

As I said when it was announced, I can’t see it coming out any earlier than Late october / early november. It depends on how large the scope is of the update. If they plan on updating the actual engine itself to fix unblockables then yeah end of the year sounds plausible. Not to mention that there is a lot of requests for new content (either characters or at least stages/music/costumes) and that takes time as well.

Assuming it’s JUST a balance patch with no fixes for unblockables (this would NOT go over well with the community) then October seems likely. They finished the suggestion gathering 2 months ago. You figure about 2 weeks for combing through all of the suggestions and actually figuring out which ones to keep and then they have to corroborate with the Japan team who also have their own suggestions to go through. That is at least another 2 weeks. Then they start actually working on the update, that is probably a month before they are even at a state to start doing balance testing with the potential changes (Combofiend did say there would be playable builds for people to check out in USA so we can assume there would also be japan location tests.) that is another 2-4 weeks of test - tweak - test - tweak - test. Then there is settling on the final build, finishing the patch up and sending it off to Microsoft/Sony for certification for Xbox/PS3 that is at LEAST 2weeks (OR MORE as we’ve seen with other updates to games.) then after it’s be certified it’s usually not rolled out for another couple of weeks.

You can see how things add up. That is just assuming a balance change only. You throw in engine modification, or adding new content and the time increases for development and balancing and QA. October/November for a balance change / engine update seems the most likely. November/December if they plan on adding any new content. December/January 2014 if they plan on also porting over the SFxT SF characters (Hugo/Poison/Elena/Rolento) as they’d need a lot more work than simply copy pasting due to the different nature of the game. They’d need ultras, they’d need a couple of new animations (Not many.) but most importantly their frame data/hitboxes/damage/overall balance would need tweaking.

True, there are a lot of variables to consider. Guess I just gotta be patient…still, having a thread for drizzles of information would be cool. Really hoping for new Ultras, hoping Ken gets a fireball ultra for once.

I wonder if it will be available for the next gen consoles, with improved net play on playstation. That’d be pretty cool.

October/november is when the next console gen hits, iirc.

I’m thinking it’s gonna be sooner than that.

No announced date for either Xbone or PS4 yet but PS4 at least has a tenative “Holiday 2013” schedule which would put it in december or late november most likely. PS3/360 launched late november as well. October for consoles isn’t happening, too far away from xmas or black friday in the USA.

Not that it really matters, I doubt that the console release dates have any bearing on the SF4 update. I think that they’d be a bit more likely to just announce a whole new SF title for the new consoles. The rumor is that there will be marvel 4, dead rising 3, and Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced for XBone.

Of course frankly I don’t have much belief in those announcements. I think a Wii U port of SF4 is likely though.