Super Street Fighter IV Endless Match Thread

I talked to Yeah Dood 120% and he thinks this is a great idea. Even though there is already a thread for matchmaking, I thought it would a good thing to create this thread!

Another reason for making this thread is to not only have friendly arcade style round-robin matches with each other, but to practice with an actual opponent to hone our skills to make us better players.

Posting Format:

Availability (Days & Time)
Characters Used
Got a Mic? (Y/N)

**PSN ID - FujiwaraDashing
Location - Frederick, MD
Availability (Days & Time) - Nights and Weekends, every day
Characters Used - Cody, Juri, Guy, Ibuki, Makoto, Adon, Dee Jay, Rose, Abel
Got a Mic? (Y/N) - Y

PSN ID - Lt_Col_Sanders
Location - Groton, CT
Availability - Late Night on Weekdays, Weekend Afternoons
Character - Bison, Chun Li, ?
Mic - Y (but I don’t say a whole lot lol)

:wonder: I’ll sticky this and we’ll see how well it does. Let’s get it on yo… dood!

PSN ID: Syntaxxor
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Availability (Days & Time) Random
Characters Used: Juri, Ibuki, Fei Long, Adon
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Y, but I don’t use it.

Location: Missisauga, Ontario.
Availability: 8-10pm (EST) sun-fri
Characters: Ken, Fuerte, Guile, once in a while Honda.
Mic? Yes, but don’t use.

Note: Prefer if It’s people near Ontario, Canada for possibly better connection level.

what the fuck is the point of this thread? how is it different from matchmaking? do we really need another thread where everyone posts some bullshit and NO ONE reads anyone elses posts?

To have endless matches. Thanks.

Doesn’t really matter which modes you play, match making is for whoever plays the game online. If I’m wrong, someone please make a thread for Ranked matches only.

PSN ID UrkAngijordi
Location Baltimore, MD
Availability (Days & Time) Mostly Weekends, limited weekday availability
Characters Used Ken, Gouken, Sakura, Ibuki
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yes

PSN ID KomboKaze and iKomboKaze
Location East Coast
Availability (Days & Time) eh… when im on im on lol
Characters Used; ibuki
Got a Mic? (Y/N) y

PSN ID Miller483
Location Michigan
Availability (Days & Time) Whenever, lol
Characters Used Ryu, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Dee Jay, Cody
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yes

PSN ID robsce1
Location British Columbia , Canada
Availability (Days & Time) when i can get the Tv from my kids
Characters Used Cody , haken , Gouken , Dudley
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yes , but rarely have it hooked up

Pretty often at least on once a day for a hour or 2
Guy, T. Hawk, Vega, Deejay
Have a blue tooth headset but fuck hooking it up.

M - F 9:30, Sat & Sun afternoons
Blanka, Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Guy (um yeah)
Yes, for mics!

Location Texas
Availability (Days & Time) morning-late afternoon
Characters Used Balrog/guy
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Y

PSN ID : The_Yokai
Location : Eugene Oregon
Availability : Whenever I’m online, generally noon - late night PST.
Characters : Diverse Set (Adon, Juri, Dudley, Ryu, Ibuki… Whatever else I’m in the mood for.)
Mic: No, but I don’t mind listening to people WITH mics. :wgrin:

Add me to your friends list! I need more sparing to increase my skills. Flow Chart kens are too easy. :rofl:

PSN ID: thefury215
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Availability (Days & Time) Random
Characters Used: Rose
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yepp

PSN ID: thefury215
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Availability (Days & Time) Random
Characters Used: Rose
Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yepp

PSN ID sonnywortzik
Location reno,nv
Availability (Days & Time) everday from 1pm-8pm
Characters Used anybody but usually I main viper
Got a Mic? (Y/N) no
I could use more friends also I’m kinda scrubby as well so easy wins.