Super street fighter iv fight stick te edition pictures

can someone link me a picture of the inside of a ssf4 te fightstick? ty

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

All TE look the same inside for their respective Consoles.

xbox 360 pls, member if u wanted to use seimitsu buttons for the Street fighter 4 TE u had to file down the yellow screw thing so it would fit? did they change it for ssf4 te stick so u dont have to file it down or is that metal part holding the joystick still close to the “A” button??

Actually if you’re using the Seimitsu screw in buttons (and as long as you aren’t also using a Seimitsu stick with a SS mounting plate) you can wedge the washer for the button under the mounting bracket and screw the button in that way.

Nothing has been changed.
The Mounting Bracket is still the same.

Still have to shave Sanwa Nut.
Still have to place Seimtsu Nut under; never had to shave.

Joystick Mounting Plate doesn’t matter.
SS or MS will not get in way.

It is Mounting Bracket itself that gets in way.

kk thanks guys.