Super Street Fighter IV is the only game that lags

Yeah, for some reason SSF4 lags really badly for me and I have no idea why - it’s the only game that I have that problem with. Was wondering if anyone else had the same issues and if there was anything to do about it.

it’s the only game you have a problem with because, likely, the other games you play do not depend as heavily on timing, and the lag goes unnoticed b/c of how little it affects gameplay in those games.

Right now I’m getting 6.82 mbps download and 0.86 mbps upload speed…shouldn’t that be plenty fast enough for online gaming?

up speed is what counts for online gaming, and it should be at least 1mbps, but I mean, the lag is probably more from the tv/moniter you’re playing it on. are you playing it on a huge hdtv? using an hdmi cable?

edit: This seems like a tech talk topic :-/

SFIV netcode runs at 60 FPS. It calculates and syncs collision, hit-detection, et cetera, on every single frame.

Your standard First Person Shooter will be lucky to have collision and hit-detection push past 20 FPS. Couple this with rollback and other techniques that you find spattered throughout different games and you get a much smoother experience because there’s a lot less to deal with and a lot more room for fudging.

This is why GGPO is necessary, if only Capcom would spend the time to implement it in one of their titles.

Ponder makes Cyborg John Carmack proud.

It’s a 32" lcd insignia tv 720p and i do have an hdmi cable.

I’m going to lean towards the benefit of the doubt that you’re discussing hardware lag now and not online lag. The latter being something discussed like…a bajillion times already on the IV boards. Maybe tech talk can help yah out. Moving.

I think you need to play Tekken 6 online before you can make that assessment. ;]

HDTVs, especially those with alot of post-processing via HDMI, can lag. Go check in this thread.

Hey, we have 1000 FPS servers :slight_smile:

Insignia’s lag like the devil, I’d recommend you not play on those anymore

Well the thing is, it only lags at certain times and others it’s fine. If I play really late at night, there is no lag whatsoever. The worst time to play seems to be around 5pm til 11pm. And there is zero lag when I play in training mode or arcade mode. So all of this makes me think it has nothing to do with my tv.

Online games care more about latency than bandwidth. Look for the neighbor stealing your wifi and downloading porn.

Sounds like you either aren’t using protected wireless or it’s just because your connection is shared (cable?) and gets congested around prime-time hours.