Super Street Fighter IV - New Character Discussion Thread

This thread is for future characters that will be in SSF4, let’s only talk about Juri and Thawk and maybe DeeJay for now, as more and more characters get confirmed I’ll update the OP with links for new pics as soon as I find them or someone else links them in this thread.

Discussion can be about moves that you think will be any good, her ultra which seems to be a la gene-jin/tandem-renki or so I’ve heard.

This is the website where Capcom is going to have the new characters announced, at least that’s what it looks like, so check back every week or so to see if you guys catch anything new:

Here are a couple of pics that some people might have not seen yet.

Juri: (Seems to be part of her lk+lp grab) (This looks like it’s her animation when she activater her ultra, or one of them at least) (Her focus attack, very flexible O_o)

T Hawk (Animation of what looks to be after he finishes his ultra) (Horizontal dive?) (Smashes you on the ground with one of his command throws)

3 Famitsu shots, one of which have the picture of DEEJAY

IDK…I think there’s more than enough SSF4 threads already…

Well that’s fine than, just close up the thread if the mods feel that way.

This thread should be renamed to “Street Fighter IV - new character discussion” so that we can organize things a bit and have discussion on the new characters here while keeping news in a separate thread.

Not all the hits of T. Hawk’s Ex Rising Hawk (the diving part, to be precise) seemed to connect in the interview video. Fix that please.

Fixed, added the “Super” before ‘Street Fighter IV - new character discussion’ though

Yeah I noticed that too, I would guess that that is part of how the move works though? Seems very pointless to have him just whiff the diving part…Maybe it’s just so he won’t have terrible recovery?

That is her FA? Damn I thought it was her Ultra in which she would repeatedly blast the enemy with optic blasts.

Ops…fixed :sweat:

I think Hawk whiffing the dive portion is simply a matter of angling your attack, similair to how Honda will whiff the second portion of his EX buttsplash if you activate it too deeply.

From what I could see from Hawk he has a horizontal dive(well, basically a torpedo) as an addition to his specials.

Juri has a launching normal that guarantees at least a super.

This just in:
Big tits, does Juri like them? More at 11.

I heard from a reliable source (Capcom itself) that Juri does infact enjoy large breasts.

Juri was not available to comment.

Hahahaha that’s never going to get old.

er, wrong thread

im officially stoked for ssf4!!! Deejay!! :slight_smile: horray! boxer and Deejay :wink:

Maybe you can control the follow up to EX Rising Hawk ala Gamma Charge? That’d be sweet.

Juri weighs in at 46kgs.

Man she is gonna have low stamina.

Oh shit dude, I didn’t think of that. Noooo waaaaaaaaaaay.

101.2 lbs? Guess that’s why you can see her ribcage.

Updated OP with link to website with new characters info.

Black on Black crime…

I thought 46kg was the norm these days for girls? Or maybe I’m just Asian.