Super Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter IV at EVO2k10


since we’re getting an early as possible spring release, are we gonna be having people have to quickly adapt to new characters and changes, and just apply what skill they already had from sf4 as quickly as possible to the super version, or will we being playing sf4 again for evo2k10. i say the super version. fuck the complainers, if there are any. sf4 is officially dead to everyone right now! real talk.

damn, i tried to edit for a poll. oh well


Before this thread gets out of control, restart it, and include a poll. I know my vote will be for Super SSFIV.


They should have as many S’s in there as possible. :tup:


You don’t even know if its going to be released on Console by Evo, and you already started lame threads like this?

It came out on console 6 months after it hit arcade, and it’s going to come out probably about the same amount of time after the arcade release for console. I’d be suprised if it came out by Evo at all honestly


^ its not really a lame thread considering ono said early spring 2010, and as early in spring as possible you fucking asshole. do you know the months of spring? it was running on an x360 in the interview with no mention of an arcade release. so im assuming he is speaking console release, since thats what the whole fucking interview was about. fuckin srk. i tried to edit to add a poll, but i didnt see the option, unless a mod can do it.


No poll, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks right now. Until there is a confirmed release and confirmed details (on this game, and evo 2010) there is no point in speculating what may or may not happen.