Super Street fighter IV story mode


^^watching small screen if u think the quality is hard to stand.:rolleyes:

While the idea is good, wouldn’t it be better to show the story and dialogue in the videos instead of skipping them? We already know the AI is dumb as balls and your combos are just ok, not groundbreaking, but you at least win. I dunno, I guess when I see “story mode” I expect to see the story. Maybe it’s the best you came up with for the equipment you have or a first time playthrough vid. If that’s the case, then it’s a decent preview for those who don’t have the game .

was rushing through story mode that time & yeah, 1st time for super edition…guy’s kinda weak

not sure whether to make another 1…

Chun-Li ones are much more entertaining, although why you didn’t use Lightning Leg on the car eludes me.

I just use the moves that any other chars have…is enough to clear that stage…blanka is a god in car bonus!