Super Street Fighter Turbo Arcade

Iam building a ssft2 arcade machine what type of joystick did the arcade machine came with was it Comp or Ultimate Joystick.

As far as I know, there wasn’t a dedicated cab for ST.

Most people prefer comps over ultimates.

Back when it originally came out it was probably happ ultimate (or possibly those Wico sticks all the MK cabs had in them) with horizontal (concave) buttons here in the states.

This is the most common cabinet that they used when the game came out known as the “big blue”

I would use I\L Euro sticks with competitions buttons, but like draculax said the most common were the concave buttons.

lol thats the one i rember back in the day but it was not blue but red with a super streetfighter turbo logo on the side and anybody rembers the screen size?

Not totally sure but I think the norm for moniter size was 19 in. Thats what my buddies UMK3 Cab from 1995 has in it.

should be 19 in. as Dracula_X stated. most fighting games were.

It’s probably a 25". The dedicated Dynamo HS-5’s that were used for Hyper Fighting and Champion Edition both had 25" monitors in them. That looks like one of Capcom’s American woodie cabs. I don’t know the model name, but they’re pretty common. I think the Alpha series had dedicated cabs like this too.

Here’s a couple that i think look okay, Personally the best cab’s in my opinion are candy cabs setup for ggpo.

Yuck, Yuck , and YUCK. The 3rd link is the one that is closest to what SF would have originally come out in. The others are all trash conversions that might as well me MAME’d if they didn’t stay what they originally were. The Dynamo HS-5 25" upright was the standard machine for CE-Hyper Fighting. Starting with Super, The Big Blue Dynamo cabs were being supplied with the games. ALL the sticks came stock with Happ Competitions, it was idiot arcade operators that swapped them with Super’s and Ultimates when they broke. They should have just used the same damn sticks, as the comps were superior at the time anyway.

On a side note, most SF machines you saw at the arcade were the HS-5 25" units, but the ones “off location”, i.e… gas stations, grocery stores, laundromats, were the 19" HS-1 units.

Personally Candy Cab/Astro City isn’t yuck it’s pretty sexy.


No, Candy’s are REALLY nice. It’s the shit conversions with the American cabs are yuck. The deal is, was that the Woodies were made to stand out from one another, hence the sideart and graphics all over the machine. It gave it personality. So when I see some 1980’s cab hacked up all to hell to play street fighter, it makes me cry just a little bit, lol! The candy’s are a different beast and were made to be lined up side by side in the dozens, to squeeze as much in as possible. Back in Japan, space was (and still is) a commodity. And since arcades were such a pervasive culture, the games sold themselves, not the actual machines (as was the case here in the US) Any game worth it’s slat here that wanted to have any shot of making money, had to have, HEY LOOK AT ME!!! Graphics and sideart all over the cab.

Id trade anything for a GGPO Candy Cab/Astro Cab, Id cut out my left nut for someone if they wanted it.