Super Street Fighter

First time posting here. This is my latest finished work.

Wish I woulda caught those lopsided areas earlier. Oh well.


Was this colored in PS or Painter ?

Great colouring man. Not really a fan of your drawing style. But the colours rock. I wish I could colour like you. Post more man.:smiley:

Pretty tight work. Good coloring and anatomy. Fei Long should look more like Bruce Lee though. Overall good stuff.


thats nice. I like T hawk the best.

Yeah me neither, Mr. Twelve.
Snk fan- I used painter for this
Thanks People. Everyone seems to like T-hawk. I dont like how flat dee jay’s stomach is. I should really do something about that.

Very cool.

It’s good to see Fei Long at the front. I agree about your coloring. It’s fantastic! Cool posing.

yo jets, from gaia, whats up. awesome coloring. i can say your pencil work looks much better after colors.

Fei Long doesn’t have long hair in back, it makes him look like he has Martin Van Buren sideburns. Dee Jay does not look anywhere near like he’s supposed to, either - he has a thick brow and small eyes.

Despite these minor nitpicks, the piece is extremely well rendered and colored, good work.

havent posted in a long ass time but i was surprised to see this alright drawing. over all good proportions and a decent attempt at coloring. needs some work on your hand drawings but not bad.

Dude, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with your pic. 10 out of freaking 10, I say.

Holy Crap you people have talent, and there I was thinking that I was great. Geeze… Awesome.

Honestly, I think that DeeJay’s chest and torso area could’ve been drawn better, it looks like he was born deformed.

Great pic, Jets.

I like the T Hawk, especially.

Damn been gone forever it seems.
CptMunta-Thanks man. I was thinking of Bruce when I drew this for some reason so I just had to put Fei Long in the front.

Klakalou-Sup man havent seen you in awhile. Yeah I’m all over the place

sweet- yeah my form needs work but all I can do is practice. Thanks for the comment.

Sol badguy- I’m glad you think so.

Neon- Thanks man I love the encouragement.

Gkfury- Exactly what i said in my previous post , man. Wish I’d caught it earlier.

MightyAkuma- Yeah he came out pretty nice.


Awesome Fei long!
the composition is nice, although I think the Cammy cuts off a bit too early.

Very good coloring, is this painter?

awesome hope to see you on the boards more. Now if you could do one of Ken and sean.