Super Streetfighter 4 VS Blazblue: Contiuum shift

Since these two games are the most popular fighters currently and this is the general fighting game forums, I wanted to get some good intelligent discussion on which game is overall the best for skill-based competition.

Me being a SF player since 92, I have countless experiences(good and bad) with the series. In the year of 2010 in MY opinion, Continuum shift is the winner hands down.

Why would I say that? Ok let me break it down:

  1. The variety you get in each character.

Each character’s strategy is VASTLY different from every other character. Each character is like learning a new martial art style. There is no “using knowledge learned from one and transfering it to the next”. You really have to sit down for weeks to learn a character’s ins and outs. Every character has a technique called drive(for those that don’t know) that is different for every character. Some characters have offensive drives. Some have a defensive one or something in-between. Drives(besides each character’s basic, special and distortion drives(supers)) are what really separate characters from each other. Here are some examples:

Arakune - Drive: Crimson
This drive is used to fill up a meter exclusive to Arakune. He has an assortment of drive moves that allow him to do this. Whenever he hits an opponent with a drive move, his curse meter will fill up(unblocked moves fill up more than blocked moves). Once the meter is completely filled Arakune enters into his true form which is call fever mode. in this mode Arakune throws bugs of different shapes and sizes from different angles of the screen that try to lock/trap the opponent. Arakune uses these bugs to do devastating combos. Fever mode only last for a short time (around 15-20 seconds) and he can’t gain any curse meter until fever mode has been deactivated.

Hakumen - Drive: Zanshin(God Slash)
This drive is used to counter opponents non-grab attacks. Hakumen’s drive has different properties depending on his position when he uses it(standing neutral, standing and tapping forward once, crouching and jumping). Besides his drive, Hakumen’s heat/super meter is different from the rest of the cast. He gains energy called Magatama that automatically builds up slowly to 8 levels(can also gain Magatama from doing combos and using his drive) so he can use his special moves. Yes you read that right, Hakumen’s special attacks are linked to his Magatama meter. Special and distortion drives(supers) all use different amounts of Magatama(from 1-4 Magatama). Since his moves require meter, he has some of the most hardest hitting moves in the game. You have to manage Magatama and use his drive at the right time to survive though. Oh yeah his sword has a special property with it he can cut projectiles and create large circular barriers(called earthbind) that negate all projectiles(and floats opponent opponents on unblocked contact). They last for around 5 seconds and reset if they are hit by any enemy projectile. Hakumen can even hide in them(to safely gain Magatama) if they are in the right position.

  1. Balanced System mechanics.
    Everything I would say is already here and better formated:
    BLAZBLUE -Continuum Shift-: System Guide

  2. All of the characters are played in high level competition(yes even rachel).

Which one is better in your opinion? It’s important explain why as well. If you’re just gonna post something silly like “why does it matter” or “it’s like comparing apples to oranges” why post in this thread at all? If you’re too insecure to debate then find something else to do.

Go fuck yourself.

I believe the rules state “no versus threads.”

Maybe your heart was in the right place, but this thread will only end in tears.

Not only that. You didn’t say what the epitome of “skill-based competitions” consists of. Without a reference, you’re more or less arguing under your own personal perception of the ideal fighting game. This means we have no possible way of forming an accurate rebuttal without first laying out our own groundwork for the discussion.

at least in SF4 I can grab to at least some degree of successfulness.

Huh? do you mean that it’s easier to win?

Throws in BB are easy to tech is what he/she is saying. But at least throws in BB lead to damage to damage unlike SFIV ones.

um…high-level play? like it seems people are scared to debate and want to hide in a prrotective bubble. wow. what’s the point of a messageboard. you go anywhere else they don’t care, but here if you threaten SF the law drops the hammer on you. why not just remove anything non-SF from the site. if i have to go somewhere else for intelligent convo… oh well. i’ll tell’em at least i tried.

throws is bbcs are used for mixup and not as some cheap tactic. wanna land throws in bb? you have to mix’em up good with everything else.

You realize that’s what throws in SF are for, right?

thread is misleading. its full of bias and should be renamed to “why i like bbcs more than ssf4 (even if its not a better game)”.

of coarse friend, but the difference is bb throws are more strategic. you can grab at ANY time nd depending HOW you do it depends on how easy it is to get out of.

bias? you can only pick one or the other. how is that bias? it can ONLY be a bias. I gave MY opinion and if you think SF4 is better I would like to know why. nothing more.

mods must be out having a life to have this last this long.

In before i get an infraction. + you forgot to mention BB is a masher.

Both look cool? Dodges rotten tomatoes

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I wish the variety reflected on the actual network battles. Tager has already made me reconsider how often I’ll be playing this online.

Oh, yeah. I like both games. A lot.

giving the people what they want