Super Stupid Fighting Game Crossovers


Here’s a two-part video I created a couple of weeks ago about the worst crossovers in the past twenty years of fighting games. If you’re a Gen X gamer who clearly remembers gaming in the 1990s, you’re sure to enjoy it… as long as you don’t get too upset over the more controversial choices!

Anybody? I know you’re out there… I can hear you breathing!

I’ve loved the photoshop-ed Heihachi pictures.
Especially the one where he has the bag of Werther’s Originals.

It was quite the entertaining watch.

I don’t quite understand why you rag on Athena and not go after Kensou too.
But I suppose Athena can be the more-annoying character.

Overall? I like the videos.

Mizoguchi also makes an appearance in KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A.
But I do not have the means to play the game. So I’m unsure about his “joke” status within it.

Good stuff!

Great vids, but as was said…needs Ergheiz BADLY.

I’d like to nominate Chelnov (originally from Atomic Runner Chelnov, later Fighter’s History [shocker, I know] Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu [obscure SFC-only fighter]). Not only did he cross over into a shitty fighter, he became unbalanced. ALL of his specials are projectiles, and fighting him’s a bitch and a half.

You already covered the Soul Calibur 2 characters, though I think you were kind to Link and Spawn.

Also, while Bean and Bark (duck and polar bear, respectively) WERE in Sonic the Fighters, they’re either AM2 creations or older SEGA characters. This is the most likely explanation as to why they got the nod, while Sonic and Tails didn’t (though the latter would’ve been the obvious ‘duh’ choices, maybe behind Honey the Cat, who’s a story all her own).

Thanks guys! I appreciate the enthusiastic responses!

(When I posted about these videos over at Higher Voltage, they were quite rude…)

Let’s see, where do I begin? I actually liked Link in Soul Calibur II… he’s precisely the reason I bought the GameCube version first. He probably doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the cast, but he’s a geeky guilty pleasure for a Nintendo fan like myself.

Chelnov… was pretty lame. I was unfortunate enough to rent his crappy Sega Genesis game back in 1993, and in retrospect, I’m surprised I didn’t give him the verbal beatdown he so richly deserved. Was he playable in Fighter’s History 2? I’d need to get behind the wheel of the character before I could thoroughly ridicule him.

I think Kensou is a capable fighter, and not nearly as annoying as his partner Athena. Then again, I’m one of the few gamers who actually liked Bao, so feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt.

Although it IS in my collection, I didn’t spend enough time with Ehrgeiz to adequately cover it in the feature. Maybe it’s time that changed!