Super Super low tier?

I’ve taken a liking to Twelve’s playstyle, and I catch the lol’s of nearly anyone else who plays sf3.

Granted he has many seemingly useless tactics, but if they are used in the correct manner, you can be a fairly legitimate opponent.

Has anyone else who plays twelve ever gotten the negativity I am getting?

Not I

Twelve isn’t meant to be tourney worthy. That is why people “lol” at you. Even with 12’s greatest tactics, he can’t hold a candle to top 3 or even top 5. 12 is good for casuals, but if you expect to go somewhere, 12 is not the character to take you there. If someone finds a way to beat your air dash and instant SA2’s, you’re pretty screwed. Even if they don’t beat your tactics, it seems like 12 is just fighting with a fly swatter. He’s about as effective as trying to stop bullets with your face. Also, I know someone is going to say “What about insert japanese player?” Next time that japanese player wins SBO with 12, let me know.

but 12 players have dignity unlike Ken, Chun & Yun players who suck the character’s dick just to win

As a Ken player, I take offence to that I don’t suck his dick, I just play him because I’ve always played Ken since I was like 5.(And I’m not just a tier whore trying to defend himself I play various characters in tournaments, well just Elena, I will be playing the rest of my roster when i get out to more tournies and i happen to do better with Elena than Ken)

Anyways about 12, I love him, he’s totally great, ok he’s not great, he’s low tier for a reason, you just have to be insanely smart, you have to really know the game, you gotta practice ALOT!! your execution has to be perfect or at least consistent and you gotta be willing to lose enough to find out what sorts of mind games work and which ones don’t.

Basically you gotta work hard to overcome alot of shitty match ups. I applaud you for playing twelve.

You’re offended by some scrub who thinks he’s hot shit because he uses Twelve but can’t do a damn thing versus anybody? Ignore that chimp.

So Urien, Dudley, Yang, Akuma and others aren’t tournament worthy since Japanese players haven’t won SBO with them? Pretty dumb when you think about it. I guess those characters are useless since theoretically there are better choices than them.

Put it this way Imbrogsomething, if people laugh at your Twelve, it’s because you’re not good with him. If you can’t win at all and that bothers you then switch characters, unless you think using Twelve means you’re better than other people even if you can’t scrape up a single win. My advice is don’t be that guy.

People laugh at my 12 due to the radnomness of his playstyle.

Well, I said top 5. Dudley is top 5 last time I checked. Otherwise, my post was mostly pointing out that no one wins with twelve. I wasn’t dissing Urien, Akuma, Yang or Dudley or any other mid to high tier character for that matter. Im just saying. Twelve doesn’t win big tournies.
But, to justify my post, I guess I’ll say this. Let me know next time someone wins ANY tourney with 12.

Chun Li, being a girl, has no dick.

still bitter eh?

i got beat bye a twelve in casual play, i loled at myself. they should have a low 3 tourney somewhere twelve sean and remy that would be fun to watch.

Remy’s actually low-middle IIRC. Low-Tier 3S is Q, Hugo, 12, and Sean.

I’m pretty new to these forums, but I’ll admit I’ve been lurking for a while.

Where exactly could I find a tier guide for all the characters in 3s?
I just want to know what is more revered etc. From what I hear my two favorite characters are either very low tier, or low med.
(Twelve [understandable], and Remy [A bit of a shocker])

you can win with any character

just probably not when you want to against who you want to.

yamazaki can still scrape up wins and win minor tournaments occasionally, but odds are he’s not getting far in a large tournament with lots of good players (although its possible).

and only play a character if you find them fun, like them in some way, or their tier gives you the advantage/disadvantage you want (and not be smug about it). ie don’t pick yun to win then brag about winning to a sean player and don’t pick sean because anyone who uses a higher tier character is a jerk!

^ Amen.

It’s okay to brag about killing tier whores with low tier peeps tho. :lovin:

i’m sure capcom made him for excellent uses, unless he’s closer to dan then sean.

I’m positive that Capcom intended for Twelve to be as good a character as any. I just don’t think it worked out for him once the players compared his advanced tactics to the other characters.

He’s just limited as hell. If he had an easier way to verify a super his normals where a tad better he’d be more playable.

High tiers are for jerks.