SUPER Tallahassee Thread: Arcade Edition EX+ α

Don’t forget, folks: [Jul 9, 2011] Tallahassee FL July 9th Summer Beatdown! MvC3 MK9 SF4AE (Tallahassee, FL)

GuileMike’s Summer Beatdown, featuring some of the South’s top players:

Tallahassee Tim
That other guy

Trailer with DUBSTEP AND BLUE LIGHTS coming soon.

not gonna lie this new rush down style ryu. Is feeling mighty fun. i was worried about his stun but 1000 stun is managable. glad they didnt pull a rufus on that ass.


so i just got air demoned by oni lmao. and this dude had this semi sick setup off a lower air back dash into it.

… what happened to this thread?

What is this I don’t even.

someone was a noob mod and merged the new thread with the old, then closed it and made a generic name for the new one the noob created.


GGs Last Night Fellas. AE seems like it’s going to be fun.


Better play him in SFxT!

Yeah, I’m definitely not a noob mod, thanks :slight_smile:

I did that. I wanted to mess around a little with the new mod overlay, and the last thread wasn’t at 1000 posts yet before the new one was started, so I wanted to see if I could merge them and split the thread at 1000 posts in this new version. The answer is still no.

Can we have our old Title back?

The person who starts the thread gets to change the title as well. One of the perks.

I’m going to try and do some more juggling…

How’s that?

Thanks for fixing it!

Now we are at the mercy of Mike G. . .

Man, I was just going to say the SRK Illuminati was out to get me, hahaha.

Not the biggest fan of Third Strike, but the feature set they’ve got for that downloadable release is absolutely amazing. I’ll buy it just to support similar future releases.

Thanks for the help Bobsmack. :slight_smile:

Its crunch time need some AE/Marvel/BB CEO crunch prep hit me up asap.

haha nice title :slight_smile:

Adam did you get that converter last night?

Dear Bobsmack,

How much would I have to pay you to see you actually slapping the shit out of someone? I mean, you have smack in your name, so your pimphand must be gdlk.

In other news!

BBCS2 today with me and matt, gonna call Jay and Kyle. Who else wants a beatdown? DAT ASS is coming! (cumming? coming.)

No I didn’t. I didn’t want to just take it and I figured you were busy. I can get it whenever you’re free. Just let me know and i’ll swing by after work…