Super Turbo - actual debate about Dreamcast vs. arcade (gameplay differences)

The list of differences is huge and most OGs don’t seem very happy about playing on DC. If the new game doesn’t come in time, why not let that tourney spot open instead of replacing it with the different game that is ST? The extra free time could be used to run a side tourney or any kind of cool special event with ST, and since it wouldn’t be a tourney, maybe a few players can get together and guarantee that this event would have arcade machines. That can be even more exciting than a tourney, with OGs playing at their full potential.

If you don’t like it, don’t play in it. Simple as that.

how did i know that DSP would be all up in this thread?

NKI can you explain the timing on round 1/2/3 FIGHT! for me? i dont understand what you have up there.

Then play on it for a few hours and adapt. You’re going to Evo, so it’d probably be good to practice on the Evo format, right?

Either you’re the biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered or you’re full of shit. I play Marvel on the Total Control Plus converters with the seattle crew regularly, for near eight hours straight every other friday and none of us (including Rowtron, JMar, Rattana, Preppy, and many others) have problems with input lag when moving back and forth between Preppy’s TWO ARCADE CABINETS and the DC setup(s) all night long. Back and forth, no need to adapt.

The EMS Total Control Plus adapters (the most easily attainable converters for PS2>DC out there) don’t have this problem, except maybe one out of every 1000 times. When it happens, it takes one unplug and replug to fix it. This is not an issue.

Is anyone else just sick of DSP spewing disinformation in his little childish tantrum over Evo being on DC, just because he wants to practice on a console and game he already has?[/COLOR]
DC’s cost less than 50 bucks, and even the most expensive one there is only 66 bucks cause it comes with a fuckload of accessories. Even the cheap ones come with various games, controllers and accessories. This was taken at the same time as this post, and there were 222 auctions for systems.

I bought a working dreamcast last week for 15 dollars on Ebay. Shipped. 99 cents plus shipping. It was NOT EXPENSIVE, DSP.

im gonna close this til people stop insulting eachother and be reasonable in their debates.

great info NKI, but you knew this was gonna happen. if you need info added. pm me and il lbump, but this shit is staying closed. unless a higher up disagrees.

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