Super Turbo (and possible other game) analysis stream, anyone interested?


I said I was pretty much done with SRK, but there are people here that would be interested, and I have no way of contacting otherwise.

I might make a weekly (maybe every other week) stream of analyzing gameplay of fighting games (mostly super turbo.) Since matches for ST end quickly, I would focus on one aspect of the match(es) and talk about that. I’ll also ask for user submissions. Spanning from youtube videos, and even ggpo replays. For my first show, I’ll do commentary on NCR ST finals, since I actually lost my mp3 raw that I recorded during the finals due to hard drive failure :< I will be doing this on my personal stream (I must make a new one, as is becoming a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with) so it will probably be on ustream. I’m also welcomed for submissions of other fighting games, but remember my knowledge on pretty much any other fighting game is limited, so please take that into account.


I’m extremely interested and will do everything to help promote. Let me know the url for your stream and we’ll promote it on our stream and our twitter.


This is a great idea. I am very much interested.


stream or youtube vid?

I don’t know if you’re trying to do stuff like this…




i.e. you would explain why that player does that and what’s the theory behind it etc.

i think that would be dope


We should get lots of stuff on the table if we can. ST podcasts, video and match analysis, and whatever else people can think of. Start brainstorming.


It will be a stream analysis of matches, kind of like what Day[9] does for starcraft 2 or Husky. I’d volunteer for a podcast, but I’m already in charge of 2 (eek) and another one would be quite troublesome. If anything, I will just make a youtube video once a week or so of match analysis with voice commentary.


Always here to support more exposure for Super Turbo.


A few Ryu vs Zangief matches could be used to make another Gief vs Ryu video. The one from Zazza is too short and focuses on Gief.


Update: Alright, I’m stitching a few things up, and I got it working how I want to… I just need to get some equipment (that I can’t really afford) to make it all work.


Alright, things are coming together, I might make a twitter for the streams that I do, and I’ll link it here when I get it made/set up. First show possibly this coming week!


Holy crap. I’ve been looking for these everywhere. Thank you.



I’ve finally gathered equipment together, and will be moving using (less resources used to stream on it.) I want to try a test stream tommorow, so please follow the twitter to know when it will go up!


Sorry for triple post, but I will be going live in about 10 minutes via - stanalysis - Videos


Hi guys, I will be doing a introductory stream tomorrow… or later today (2.22) around 2pm PST. I will have it archived for those interested/unable to watch at the time.

I will be going over basics and maybe a couple of commentated matches. Please spread the word and tune in!


i don’t know about you guys, but when i’m baked and i watch st match videos, a lot of aspects about the match come to life. very subtle tactics and mindgames become much more apparent.

so i suggest being super high during your analysis.

*probably a good idea to have a sober guy there too though.


I will be going live in a bit.


Scratch that, I just woke up and I can’t think straight. Also I’m thinking of just doing this as youtube series. Less preparation time needed and I don’t need to announce ahead of time and get no viewers.


Definitely, YouTube is better for these kinds of things.


Hey, I know this is old, but with the surge of ST and my lack of ability to do anything else for the scene right now, I’ve decided I wanted to bring this back. It would be a streamed show on my twitch (maybe own3d soon) talking about everything and anything ST, to what to do as x character facing y character at the start of the match and your options, to what to do in specific spacing situations. I want to bring character specialists and ST pros onto the show to talk about things. If you are interested please PM me on skype (skype is lolinom) and we can bring this to a reality!


Yeah doing it by yourself might be hard.
Definitely bring a guest to talk about specific character / setup / execution, etc.

Do that like damdai did with seb for Super Turbo Saturaday.

I don’t know about the stream format though. It’s hard to have everyone sit and watch at a specific time for this kind of stuff. (Tournament is different because the results are live).

Maybe stream and also record and upload to youtube.

Get djfrijoles on skype to talk about hawk technology. Or bring some ggpo warriors that are not well known offline.

The Super Turbo Saturaday format is good though you might have to do some work to prepare the video and material etc. Not sure what software dam & seb used for that (they annotate the video remotely).


Yeah, I mean it’s going to be streamed for live questions, but I’ll save the archive and upload to youtube for sure for people who can’t watch it live. I want the show to be interactive with the player base.