Super Turbo and Super X?

are there any differences between the two?
i’m probably getting the CPS2 version of one or the other (depending on what i can find) so i’m really curious if there are any differences at all. i know one is Japanese and another is for the rest of the world, but you never know.

The World/Asia CPU is notoriously hard. Japan version is a lot easier.

Zangief jump up fierce instantly dizzies in Super X…the speed arrangement is also different between Japanese version and the other versions.

so are any of these differences big enough to matter, or do i just get whatever and it should be fine? i heard gief is low tier, so i guess X makes him just a little bit better.

The biggest differences is Gief’s neutral jumping up+Fierce (has insane dizzy power in the Japanese version).

That, and there is no free play option in the Japanese version.

Man, I really wish the Wiki were back up…:sad:

Is the World version exactly like the American aside from no freeplay?

BoggleMinds: So THAT’S why all the vids against the CPU I’ve seen have been weird compared to my training. Any CPU training I do is against the World CPU, and I guess it’s not just me, it IS vicious.

At least compared to the SSF2 CPU, level 1 on ST is harder than level 8 on SSF2, at least when it doesn’t involve eating a Tiger Upper. :stuck_out_tongue:

ST CPU just reads your inputs and it’s constantly advancing, so you’re pretty much screwed whatever you do.

Try playing 'Sim VS 'Gief for example. The CPU is programmed to RH you every time you try to RH him.

I believe all SF’s do that. It’s just that ST is mean.

Try to tick the ST AI. Just fucking try it.

Actually, there are a few characters you can reliably tick. I can’t remember all of them, but I know both shotos can be ticked. Do NOT ever, EVER try to tick Gief, or play wakeup games, or anything. Reversal SPD every time.

Also, don’t screw with T. Hawk or you eat reversal storm hammers like crazy.

Yes, I use the AI to practice because of the level of difficulty… If you’re quick enough to whip the AI (and I mean pwn it), using reflexes and not patterns (i.e. reacting to the cpu’s moves and countering) then your accomplishing something. It’s hard if you’re not super fast, don’t know all the counters, every character match up, have perfect move/combo execution, and haven’t played every day for a couple years. However, playing against human opp. is a diff. game plan and is the best. It’s real easy to zone the AI, and use fireball traps (which is what I stay away from).
This is all IMO.

On the subject of the AI, can anyone consistently play through this game? I met someone about 2 years ago who could just breeze though it with gief. I was well impressed at the time. Since then I can now relatively easily complete it with chun li and I’ve discovered the CPU eats tap-SPD’s all the time if you have your distances right. That’s actually an awesome tip. A great way to practice Hawk’s safe grabs is to play the cpu. Your tap (tick) has to push them out of reversal throw range or you’ll get busted everytime however when you release the button you’ll either get them or safely block.

also, the other day I ate a TOD from cpu boxer. I was both pissed off and slightly impressed at the same time, lol.

In terms of AI difficulty…SSF2T (World & USA ) has the hardest AI ever…

The (Japan) version has the easiest AI even at setting 8.

All the other SF2’s have the same AI leveling except for US CE (cause it’s way different than Japan CE).

Did anybody play HSF2 (Asia or Japan) on the arcade ? how is the difficulty on those versions. The PS2 one has exactly the same SSF2T (Japan) AI difficultly.

Zangief reversal glitch atomic suplex :stuck_out_tongue:

You can pretty much go all the way through ST with Honda just by scoring a knockdown and then doing well timed sumo headbutts that hit on wake-up. I’ve 1cc’d the US version level 8 once with this. It doesn’t work on a couple of characters, but there are some other just as abuseable anti-cpu tactics you can use.

It’s pointless through. With GGPO and Supercade available really not much reason to every play the computer.

From my experience a phoenixed ST or SX has both ST and SX in it and it works flawlessly. Who also agrees?

I think japanese version should be always the standard, plus u can M. Bison as boxer :smiley: