Super Turbo arcade poster scan

Anyone know where a high quality scan of this poster is? I’d totally buy the poster if they existed. The only time they are on ebay is when they are included with the CPS2 boards.

LOL, I was gonna ask the same thing. That was my poster you have a pic of. Wish I had a way to scan it but it wasn’t in great shape.

:smiley: Doesn’t surprise me that was yours. Take it to Kinkos and see what they can do with it!!

Preserve dat Super Turbo :tup:

Already shipped it to its new owner. Anyway last time I tried to have them scan a copy righted image they told me to get lost. lol

Damn copyright cops. Sigh. Do you know if the US CPS2 set came with the same poster?

I got the same thing the last time I went to a kinkos about the scanning of copyrighted images. Just go to a local mom and pop printing place, most of them don’t care about that stuff they just want your business. That is what I did when I had to get flyer and tags printed for a tournament I ran 3 years ago.


I know this image exists in digital format somewhere! I have seen it used before in custom sticks. Come on people! Help us brothers out!

I would also like this.

It’s one of my all time favourite pieces of official SF art along with the 3rd strike character roster poster.

Found this:

Probably not good enough for a big print, but still nice :tup:

Edit: CPS2shock has a few as well:

been looking around for this too, any leads?