Super Turbo- Best Console Version Is?

I’m sure this issue has been discussed over and over again but I have never seen anyone bring it up in fighting game discussion before. To prevent misunderstandings I am referring to the **original version **of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, NOT HD REMIX. I know the game has been released on numerous consoles and each version seems to have its own issues ex. input lag-capcom classics volume 2. The version I am currently playing is grandmaster challenge for matching service on Dreamcast. I’m sure this version of the game also has its own issues that keep it from being arcade perfect but I’m not sure what they are. I can say that I have played many console versions of this game but not all of them. Can anyone with knowledge on this issue clarify which version of the game is closest to arcade perfect?

None are arcade perfect though Evo used the Dreamcast version so stick with that one.

ummm STHD played in original mode? but i guess if you like em the old school grafixxxx you should play on dreamcast.

What’s wrong with the Vanilla ST that comes with HDR?

Vanilla ST in HDR is arcade perfect from what I’ve played so far. Pretty much the best port we’ve gotten in forever. Seems like it was fixed from the DC port.

STHD/DC is the best version, while the PSX version is the 2nd best.
Ignore any ports other than these, they are almost unplayable.

Surprised to see the PS1 version mentioned…something always seemed off about that port IMO. I hated that the music was in RedBook format too. I forgot where, but I heard that the 32-Bit ports of SSF2/SSF2T were actually ported and finished a good while before they came out (fall 1997); possibly around the time of the 32-Bit ports of SFA1 (the only other SF port to have a RedBook soundtrack on both PS1 & Saturn), but that’s speculation on my part.

is the ps2 version that bad that no one mentioned it yet ?

PS2 version has some input delay timing issues or added frames to certain things. There was a whole thread about it along with video showing the timing difference.

CPS2 A-B board with a Supergun :tup:. Best console version FTW!!!

lol. Arcade perfect.
Best console version for any arcade game = Board + Supergun.

PC version is the best.

3DO with the standard gamepad. (I used to own it… fuck that gamepad)

Oh my god, I had that. Such a lovely port! What made it even better, you didn’t have to worry about your friends beating you, because it was 1 player only!

like, I know rite!

btw, what SG is that? ZOMG she’s so doable.

HDR classic mode and the dreamcast port are the same once you adjust the dips switches on the DC version I think. They are 99% accurate to the arcade.

PS2 version has lag and speed issues along with other glitches that make it a pain in the ass to play.

PSX version plays very well with no lag but has some differences from the arcade version. Saturn version is pretty much the same.

All other versions are garbage.

Who cares anyway. People need to quit being dorks about this and play the ROMs already if it makes that much of a difference. If you bought any of the commercial versions you don’t need to feel bad about doing it.


My friend had ST on the PC and it was 2 player.

They released a patch that enabled 2 player mode, from what I remember…

ST for PC had the greatest cover of all time:

oh my gawd… i never saw that.