Super Turbo (Classic Mode HDR) Tournament - Southern California

I felt that I needed to re-post the Vintage post, since this concerns the future of console ST at majors/Evo.

Saturday 8/14 Classic Mode

Alrighty, I am posting this here so that no one can say, "well, I didn't know about it" or "no one ever told me," etc, etc. On Saturday the 14th of August a bunch of us So'Cal heads will be hosting a Classic Mode (on HDR) tourney at Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley, CA. We expect every "pro-ST on console for Evo" player within a couple hours of LA to actually come out. The Pro-ST contingency has been very vocal the last several months about ST being the standard for Evo as opposed to HDR. Well, now you actually get the opportunity to prove to those of us in the Pro-SF2 camp that you are in fact serious.

Here's a link to the thread:

HDRemix Ranbats 3.1 8/14 Denjin Arcade

Signups @5pm, tourney starts @6pm (will be run on 360)

Address: 995 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, California 93065

Again, I expect to see some new faces next Saturday. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to see ST back at Evo. If we get a good turnout, we will definitely take that into consideration and probably continue to host more "Classic Mode" events. So, needless to say, if you fit that criteria and you're not in attendance you are MAD SUSPECT. That is all

I never really got the impression that folks from West Coast were the voice of the opposition as far as “We don’t like HDR, play ST” goes.

Argh, working until 5pm Saturday. I was seriously considering making the drive (though I’d still need to handle lodging).

Good luck to all competitors and I hope there is a big turnout!

Is classic hdr really the same as ST?, or are there differences to them?

Which sprites? This is really important.

I believe vintage mentioned before that they are only willing to make one compromise.

IIRC, they agreed to try a classic-mode tourney, but only on new sprites & 16:9

Classic HDR is identical to the Dreamcast Version of ST, which most consider to be the best version of console ST. The only difference I’ve noticed is just in the speed settings…i’m guessing Local Match Speed 4 would be the most equivalent to DC Turbo 3.

As for the widescreen & sprites, we’re going to leave that decision to the players. From yesterdays gathering at Wednesday Night Fights in LA, most could play/were comfortable with either format.

Fudd: That’s cool that you were even considering the drive…true dedication :karate: If we have another big gathering, we’ll let you know in advance.

why don´t you use japanese cabinets with ST for a full experience? instead using HDR classic mode, just saying.


This is concerning Console ST, which has a bearing on EVO. Using Japanese cabinets to play ST won’t do anything to promote the game for EVO since that tourney is only all console. The whole point of this is for SF2 at EVO.

got it bro.

This is great, I really wish I could come to Socal for this. I hope this pulls more than enough to make it to where we can have original ST back at evo.

A little late are we?

It’s not looking very likely, at least on the So’Cal side of things. No one came out.

Oh, welp. That’s not good :<