Super turbo combo into super

I cant do it. Im trying to do low foward super and shortx3 super with ryu. I cant buffer into the super from the regular attacks right? I can do it fine in other games and i know its a lot more strict in super turbo. Whats the trick to getting this shit out?

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Thanks man! I can finally get that shit out.

how do i do it for chargers ex. Guile?

With most charge characters, you do b, f, b + move, f + super. For Chun Li, for instance:

:l:,:r:,:l: + :hp:,:r: + :lk:

Or for Guile:

:db:,:df:,:db: + :mp:, :uf: + :lk:

You can also do a standing move (say, standing fierce) into Guile’s super, by pressing the button as the stick goes into neutral on it’s way to up.

I heard Jame Chen said that you must press and hold certain buttons in order to buffer the normal moves into the supers…I am just wondering what button we should press and hold. This is referred to his STA 3 FAQ.

You don’t have to hold any buttons down to cancel a normal into a super in ST. However, it can help enormously in avoiding the negative edge.

Take Ken’s low foward xx super (:d:,:df:,:r:,:d:+:mk:,:df:+:lp:). It’s very easy to get the Funky Kick out of this motion instead of the super, because (:d:,:df:,:r:+:mk:) is one of the commands for a funky kick, and the :mk: there can be triggered either by pressing or by releasing the :mk: button. If you release the :mk: at the wrong time, you won’t get his super, you’ll get low foward xx funky kick. To get around this, you can simply hold down :mk: after you press it, and not release it until after the super has come out.

There are a lot of cases where this is useful…Chun Li standing punch into super may get you a fireball instead. Hold down the punch button to avoid it (same deal with Dee Jay). Cammy’s low foward xx hooligan can be hard to do, but is much easier if you hold down the button so you don’t risk cannon drilling across the screen. Etc.

But why this game is so damn difficult to cancel the normal moves into supers. I am just wondering why. In addition, bigger characters seems to be easier to do the cross-up thing but smaller characters such as ken, ryu, akuma is damn hard to do the cross-up, and even if you do to be able to do the cross-up it won’t connect afterwards.

Because it’s the first SF with Supers. Capcom was exploring new ground. They were “supers” and so should be harder to perform.

i’m still having trouble, how’s the timing like ?
do you do the first fb motion fast, d+mk, df, f + p?
i find myself continously getting a fb combo or if i try doing it faster, i get a dp combo … help please??


The thing is that you can’t do it fast. You have to be calm and make sure you do the motion right. It has to be nice and easy.