Super Turbo - Current Good Online Players


I saw a similar list like this on ggpo forum and XBL forum.

So just for fun. Might as well keep a record of what players are currently playing.

Beginners can also spectate some of these people’s games.

definition of terms:

good != top players. above average = good (online only)

good = know what they are doing

good != good manners

online != offline

online = ggpo / xbl / psn / supercade, etc

ryu: dgv, stevetren, (0men/daigo/bigassbretha), jlover, afro legends, endy, rgbloc, mystericfighter, kushyu, fuz, orf, 41i45, [S]Changomarijuano, grahf87,[/S] Paidfighter, ImperialX, SMM, (savala/dark gaiden/henry s hudson/other aliases)

o ryu: 0men, [S]seikou,[/S] kyouya, s4v

**ken **: djfrijoles, cigarbob, Prezzemolo, evildindon, Ken is my bankai!, [S]coth-x,[/S] PerfectionistNominee
o ken: damdai, krost, rekkaken, s4v

**ehonda **: .__., kuroppi, mad zero, soto, cossack, kacom, wolmar, Ganelon, facebook, quitjockingmystyle (out of all characters he play, this is his best character)


**chunli **: JanusGemini, technical monkey, guile bros, SMM, soto
**o chunli **: prokchip

blanka: djreign, decoy (greyinvader), kareeeeem, da igloo, pasky, Blanka_Novato


zangief: djfrijoles, thebastard, cigarbob, [S]evoanon[/S], whitelion, the great mole, mazinga2

guile: marsgatti, guile bros, pasky, True_Old_School, TecmoSuperBowl, superdood, paldon
o guile: marsgatti, guile bros, True_Old_School

dhalsim: HYDLIDE, chi, parch, [S]john rambo[/S], roybisel, player 2, wolmar, [S]Optimo[/S], playsforfun (no grab though)
o dhalsim: Robbiers, Jion_Wansu

t-hawk: nira, neoray, djfrijoles, charsimama, turnover, dngr papercut
o hawk : damdai, nira


cammy: damdai, JLOVER, [S]EVORALPH[/S], samtyper

feilong: hypenated, jdm, cigarbob, djfrijole, Rice247, paldon

deejay: afro legends, sam-, JaySherman, [S]willdestroya[/S], themuffinman, steven_grigsby, player 2, dbostick, Jigoro18

boxer: afro legends, JanusGemini, roybisel, KenWakashimazu, bhop, [S]GeneiJin[/S], rithal, czar,, marsgatti, [S]Jimmy Bones[/S], [S]EVORALPH[/S]


claw: Ganelon, immortal, willdestroya, Esteban_Remix, steven_grigsby, JanusGemini

sagat: underkingdom, ultracombo, SpinalBlood
o sagat: roybisel, ritual, jarek04, ultracombo, JanusGemini


dictator: doubleb303, rizone, antzer, guile bros, jojomaru, nocandoken, JanusGemini, Kevgeez, RoTb Wicked, prokchip
o dictator: Jion_Wansu

Please don’t take this seriously, and I dont know everybody. If the name is not there doesn’t mean they are not good.

Just wanna list some of the player’s names here so new people can get to know them.

Welcome more suggestions


Boxer:GeneiJin8, kyouya
Guile: Superdood1, Marsgattai, True_Old_School, TecmoSuperBowl, Pasky
Deejay: -Sam, dbostick, GeneiJin8
Claw: Ganelon, Esteban_Remix
Gief: The Bastard, djfrijoles, RGB_Loc, Superdood1, TheGreatMole
Hawk: damdai, djfrijoles
Ken: Papasi, moocus, coth-x, damdai, djfrijoles
Fei: Rice247, jdm
Ryu: RGB_Loc, DGV, steventren, esteban_remix, kyouya, DAIGO, djfrijoles
Sim: Optimo_SF, Robbiers
Blanka: djreign78, Blanka_Novato
Dictator: kyouya, antze, GeneiJin8
Cammy: -
Honda: .__., cossac, kacom
Sagat: RGB_Loc, Ultracombo
Chun: janusgemini, technical monkey, Papasi


Janus has a Bison that is out of this world…
I beat TechMonkey in CTF… and he came back and smacked the shit out of me. LOL


^^^ Are you -_^


HAHA no… I get lucky. :wink:


robbiers has a good chun


I might have to play some GGPO just to make this list :wink:


yea you do that


who is “steventren” ?


some scrub lol


Must be… I never heard of him.


I heard he invented the wake up jumping med punch juggle reversal.


Oh yea… That Guy. :slight_smile:


And thats why i love GGPO and why HDR players should convert.


Ryu 1999 is a good O. Ryu.

Frijoles is a RIDICULOUSLY GOOD N. KEN. Vs him the game feels more like 3s that st.

THEBASTARD- Best Gief I’ve played in a long time. I thought he was cheating at first.

Already mentioned but Kyouya is a great O. Ryu.

Ultracombo is one of the few good N. Sagats out there. Dubble upparcuts and whatnot. Thinks my Chun is cheap and one of the dudes who likes to talk about honor and cheapness in games. Play to win is what I say.

I consider myself pretty good at Chun. However there is a Japanese player called lightning@volt (Also plays st Chun) who surpasses me greatly. Samtype_r is a really good N. Cammy and Chun as well, but he is not on much anymore. He apparently played with Watson and Co. Dunno his real name.

I miss NKI. Where is he? Suuuch a good Chun.

Changomarijuano is pretty awesome with ST Ryu.

Ganoleon-as we should be aware by now- is just omg with N. Vega.

Blueprint CEO has potential but he needs to think more and learn his match-ups.

Apoc came on once. He’s rusty imo but he has a great play-history with Balrog.

We’ve all seen voltech being all amazing and junk with Chun outside of ggpo. Meter is no object to this man, he has meter inside his meter and supers within his supers.


Prokchip still play?


underkingdom from japan would probably murder everyone.


Looks at Rog’s list



Hmm… I would most certainly add “JimmyBones” to the list. We have had some heated sets… What about that other Canadian jerk off? He uses Dictator and O.Sagat… “Bilskrnir” or something like that.


I haven’t seen jimmy or bilskrnir playing on ggpo. that’s why their names are not there. this is a list for the current players.