Super Turbo Dee Jay Advice

I want to know what I should do with Dee Jay in Super Turbo. I think the character looks amazing and has amazing animations which made me want to check him out. Any Tips?

Check out the ST wiki here at SRK. It has a ton of good information on him.

You may also want to look for Dee Jay threads in the ST section:

Okay, thank you. Is the wiki beginner friendly?

Certainly parts of it are. Give it a read. If you have specific questions afterwards, post them up.

Okay so one question, how precise do you have to be with the combos, specifically the one which start with the jumping short.

I don’t play Dee Jay so I can’t tell you. A question that specific is probably best for the ST section.

Or… you can figure out how precise you have to be either by looking at the frame data or by practicing them. Hyper SF2 on PS2 is a reasonable training mode option.

okay, how about HD remix? I don’t have a PS2.

That’ll do fine. Make sure to set it to classic mode, 4:3 aspect ratio. Jump short combos aren’t incredibly useful, unless you’re going for tick throw set ups.
SRK wiki is good, STRevival might be better for asking questions, pretty much all the people that post in SRK ST are on there and it’s more active.

DeeJay at a beginner level is best played as a poor man’s guile, with a mean crossup with better buttons and worse booms.

He’s actually harder to play at an elite level, because mashing out his Machine Gun Upper is hard.

He’s high tier because landing his extremely good crossup should be a touch of death, but unlike bison, he can fight gief/hawk/honda.

So how should I play his zoning?

Hmm. Far as I remember ST does not have anything too advanced or super hard. I am not really a Dee Jay main though I have good feelings for the guy for teaching me charge moves way back when. Trying determining his best way of poking your opponent. As for zoning with his projectile all I can say is practice A LOT of back-forward charge motions. If you get good at that then great! Though don’t throw fireballs like crazy or you will get punished. Instead focus on making each fireball count and using it for pressure. Good luck!

Zoning with DJ depends on the matchup.
His standing HP has the same animation as MaxOut so you can fake fireballs with it.
Overall, MO is worse than SB EXCEPT in the Blanka matchup. Blanka cannot get under it as cleanly as he can booms.

Depending on the matchup, you’re looking to either bait into MK upkicks or get into a good position to land a crossup.

Example: Blanka matchup is easy AF in that you just sit there, bait with c.MP or c.LP. MP beats every ground attempt to get in and LP is more reliable because of rapid fire. They both will sometimes lose to c.HK so just be careful. If Blanka jumps, MK up kick and free combo. That’s the whole matchup, Blanka can’t do anything except c.HK and try some shennanigans.

O.Gat… if he jumps, c.HK… Then on wakeup, go for crossups or fake out crossups with j.MK. None of his air attacks beat c.HK as he lands. Compeltely safe, I think. Tiger upper doesn’t beat his crossup either so more safety there.

That said, you can’t outzone him, so you have to move in. If Gat gets full screen, it’s an uphill battle for sure.