Super Turbo emulation on XBOX

Is it just me or does it seem that not matter what set or emulator used, there are small graphical glitches and slowdown?

I have tried everything to fix this, any help would be appreciated, feel free to PM me.


I’ve noticed it too. It’s in every CPS2 emu as far as I know, not just the xbox ones. MAME seems to do best.

Ive tried a few emus and the one that i found to be the best and actually runs VS game series is FBA-XXX, but still the CPS2 games feel like the timing is off, so i dont even bother playing :(, dont know what the reason for this is though.

there gonna be perfect ports of cps2 fighters coming soon but each with a dedicated emu to a rom set there gonna be out very soon , some guys from spain are in the project and from what i seen they work perfect.


What are you saying, that there is an FBAXXX hack or update in the works?

is it a problem only with ssf2t or with all cps2 games?

is there a cps2 emulator that runs at 60fps without slowdown?

Well, the xbox is a fixed system…I’m considering soldering more RAM to mine to increase its ability to play cps2/neogeo games at full speed with no frame loss…that would rock.

Anyone else tried this?



if i was doing it with a soldering iron, yeah…but i’ve got access to a hot air soldering station :wink:


kawa-x runs every capcom fighter perfect on modded xbox…no delay,skip nothing.Dont bother with trying to add more ram…its extremly difficult cuz you gotta solder the shit on IC chips and chances are you will fuck up your xbox mainboard :tdown:

soldering is rather advanced if you have the right tools.

soldering those 100 pin IC chips is a piece of cake with said tools - plus it helps if you’re an electronics tech major like myself. :tup:


All I am saying is that the extra ram doesnt make ‘any’ difference cuz kawa-x runs everything perfect regardless.Some n64 games might run little better with +ram though(from what I heard)

kawax does have some slowdown here and there…by far it’s minimal. Also, when you adjust the filters to say “Super Eagle” - that slows it down as well.

Ram wont help because any delay caused by virtual memory isn’t (to me) noticable at all, and has no affect on gameplay.

Kawa-X is great if it is just you playing. I had to stick to ver 1.0 so I could exit roms with just the stick and not a controller, and it had a tendency of exiting the rom or crashing entirely when playing two player.

FBA-XXX definitely had some delay issues about a couple of frames, but the more recent versions don’t show this problem, and you get all the cool shmups like Guwange as a bonus. Still need a controller to exit the rom though.

I never noticed anything either.You can upgrade your kawa-x though…just gotta have the connection for the buttons on the dpad(its either R3 or R4 I think).Or just have another control on 3rd port or something.

I remember playing kawaks x with a friend on his xbox and everything ran and played correctly

Does kawaks x run XvSF fine?, and when i mean fine, i mean perfect with no frames lost, no slowdown and doesnt have the sluggish input lag feel like FBA-XXX?

edit: Whats the exact name and version of kawa-x that is meant to be flawless, can someone please post where i can get it from, thanks.

FBAXXX Pro runs every CPS2 game I’ve tried perfectly. The only things that slow down at all are a few of the newer shooters like Esp GaLuda and stuff.

i’m using “FBAXXX-PR” and i havent noticed anything wrong…

i have tried to must uptodate version of FBAXXX but didnt get a chance to try everything because it used different romsets.

not sure if PR version is available still…

You’re all wrong, I even talkd to the XXX hack coder at the 1up emulation forums and he knows about all the Super Turbo glitches I mentioned.

Anyone has proof otherwise, show me a video, otherwise…