Super Turbo GAUNTLET - Let's Set this in stone!

Listen, it’s now confirmed that I’ll be at EVO and whether it’s official, unofficial, on PS1 or PS2 or on CigarBob’s cabinet or on a laptop or on a Commodore 64, this shit seriously needs to go down!

This shit is the hype and whether or not the newbies like it, this event will be a huge highlight of EVO 2k5. Let’s get some shit straight.

What is the entry fee for those that wish to run the Gauntlet?

What is the entry fee for each of the old school players?

What is the prize if somebody successfully gets through the Gauntlet?

Who are the Old School players going to be, to represent the 17 Street Fighter Characters? (Don’t forget Gouki!)

Who is going to take my picture for the cover of Tips and Tricks Magazine after I win?

Here’s my idea. Let’s get some pre-registrations going for this event. I will be the first to step up and accept this old school challenge, but of course just to keep the drama up, I’m going to go LAST. If you want to participate in this event, POST HERE and I will update this first post with entries. Depending on how much participation we get, we can cap the # of entries for the event. Obviously some consideration is going to be made for players like Justin Wong, the Japanese, etc. who will undoubtedly want to participate but might not pre-register.

ALSO, I leave it to Mike Watson and Shirts and Dream TR and other old schoolers to decide who will represent which character in the gauntlet. Let’s get this shit set in stone so when EVO comes, we don’t have people bitching out. I am coming to EVO and this is one of the major reasons I’m going to be there, if it doesn’t go down that’s just, quite simply put, GAY.

Finally, as the rules are set in stone I will update this first post as well. So lets GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

Sup Phil, you down for some money matches? I’m a scrub. First to 10 for up to $100.

i like afro legends for 20

Beating 17 random people can be troublesome, beating 17 good people is another thing, people trying to beat 17 old schoolers in ST is not even worth watching IMO.

Unless there’s something thrown in here to make it a real game, i don’t see people buying into it. I’m open to discussion as to why it’s a good idea (or even a good bet if theres only gonna be like 5 people paying in from the new side), i’m just not seeing it right now.

The most exciting bet IMO was ST 10/100 at MWC that never went down, if there’s only a few new schoolers interested, do a team tourney with odds, old vs new, new only has to win 25/100 (since they will have better players than the empire team). The actual number and bet will probably change based on who is actually on the new school team, but thats the idea.

Arcade only.

From what i know the closest thing will be cigarbob’s stand which has a supergun:

Do you require an actual arcade cab? or will this do?

You can count me in for New School, whether it’s team tourney, gauntlet, or otherwise.


I’m kinda joking. Neil’s cab is perfect…supergun, etc. As long as the sticks are stable, it’s ok.

Really doesn’t matter though, this game is dead.

well it’s a good pre-cursor to HSF, one last year wouldn’t hurt, go out with a bang, or a tiger, or a yoga flame, whatever works.