Super Turbo Hd remix players?

Hey I was looking all over where are the STHD players for xbox360. I been looking around.

add me my xbl is xdreamerdigital

my aim is lightxdream to play. If I have to buy this game again i will be pretty sad :frowning:

Ill play you hit me up with a message on xbl.

my friend list is full.


Is anyone still playing this? If you are hit me up on xbl, my gamertag’s to the left.

i’ve started playing this more recently

gt: stanley decker

classic or remix mode, doesn’t matter

Hey everyone. I am having an HD Remix Online tournament on 10/20/09 at 10 PM eastern. The info is in the tournament and events section so check it out and lets have some fun.

The event will be streamed live.

My gamer tag’s boogiepop_ngfl
I can’t say I’m very good but if you feel like an easy win, I’m all yours. :slight_smile:

same here. Still longing for old times. lol

I try to “drop the fei long science” now and then. Always looking for good players/comp.


I play almost every day. Add me and we can have some good matches!

GT: Velazul

I down for some games just add me.

i think im gonna buy this instead of third strike… i like the sf4 formula sooo…