Super Turbo HUD


SSF2T HUD Script v1.6

A heads up display for super street fighter turbo.

Homepage: ssf2thud - Heads Up Display for Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Google Project Hosting


For use with:

[]MAME-rr: (Recommended): mame-rr - MAME Rerecording - Google Project Hosting
]FBA-rr: fbarr - FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording - Google Project Hosting
Script in action:


Training mode cheat:

Downloads - ssf2thud - Heads Up Display for Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Google Project Hosting

Only works with mame-rr/mame, not sure how to do ROM address hacks in FBA.

]Place the in the same directory as mame.exe
[]You have two options to run mame with cheats, either run mame from the command line like this: mame.exe -cheat.
]The 2nd option is to open mame-rr.ini and edit the line under ‘Core Misc Options’ that says ‘cheat 0’ and change it to ‘cheat 1’. This is the better option because once you save this file you won’t ever have to edit it again and mame will always run with the cheat option enabled.
[*]Press tab during the game to bring up the mame menu, go to cheats and turn it on or off.
Stun does not work during the training mode cheat, unfortunately I haven’t fixed that yet. Throws also still do damage in training mode, but this shouldn’t be a problem, just hit the dummy again to refill it’s life. Throw hit stun is also messed up.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

respect where respect is due. Your awsome pasky

Howto Shoryuken Uppercut - Z Motion or Forward-Hadoken?

This would certainly help me when getting the damage from normals. What I have done, so far, is to compare the different attacks to others and what YBH says, so as to provide the data the original book does not.

Good job, pasky.


I always said fcs-Pasky is the smartest kid.

Can you also show the damage of the current attack and stun timer?

If someone can fix the fba/mame infinite health cheat with proper hit stun animation then it would be awesome to use with this HUD script.


oh you think Pasky’s awesome huh? Let me see about that


Added a special cancel indictator. It’ll tell you if the normal is cancellable into a special/super when displaying “Ready”, however, it does get displayed during aerial normals, and since ryu and ken both have aerial cancels, I didn’t remove that. So just ignore it if you’re using aerial normals. It works great for getting kara cancel timings down when frame advancing.

Also got rid of projectile indicator being displayed for non-fireball chars.

If someone wants to get the throw ranges for each character (Use the distance indicator at the top) I’ll add them to the HUD, but I’m not gonna do it for chars I don’t use, I may be awesome, but I’m awesomely lazy, I also have other games I’m having fun with.

If I have time this week I’ll add Gief and Hawk’s SPD/super range indicators.


Updated again. Added a hotkey function to move your character’s X values by 1 left or right. The reason is because when a character normally moves, the value increases by 3 at a time, so if you want precise throw ranges you’ll need a way to increment/decrement by values of ‘1’. Make sure you set the lua hot keys, in mame-rr it’s under Input -> General -> User Interface. In FBA-rr its Input -> Configure Hot keys. (will remove these when throw ranges are figured out). So:

Lua Hot key 1 = Player 1 move right 1
Lua Hot key 2 = Player 1 Move left 1
Lua Hot key 3 = Player 2 move right 1
Lua Hot key 4 = Player 2 Move left 1

Also put a distance indicator above the timer so you know how far the dummies are from each other.


Well done Pasky, your da man :).

Btw CPU characters having different special moves addresses might show why some even have different properties (Ken extra hit on Hurricane Kicks - Deejay’s invincible MGU, etc…).


Yea, that’s exactly why. You can see in that youtube video I posted of the script in action ([media=youtube]z-L4HYCdk6c&feature=player_detailpage#t=43s[/media]), I did guiles super and fei long just walked away from it without going into block animation.

Same reason Guile can instantly flashkick you or instantly boom while walking forward. Same reason all CPU normals/throws/specials do a shitload more damage than yours.


Hawk also has special cancellable aerial normals and a special to cancel into. It is mostly useless, though.

I know their specials do more damage, but most stuff they do also does. I thought it was just amplified. The Japanese version does not seem to have that much better damage. As for blocking, the CPU probably uses a MK controller, lol.

If you simply change a memory value, can one switch chars instantly? If so, this might be used to select WW bosses in AE or maybe just WW.

I will donate you money through paypal if you can show the perfect damage and stun range, together with the selected value.


You mean display the stun and damage the last hit did?


No, the maximum and minimum possible values. Even if they do not get picked. Say, after a short:

damage: 4 [1-8] (I made up the numbers, got no idea of what the real ranges are).

Edit: that is supposed to mean the Short did 4 points of damage this time, but it could have done from 1 to 8 points.


Oh, I’m not delving that far into it, I’d have to find the tables for the characters and have no idea where they are in ROM.


Very cool Pasky :slight_smile:

Stepping back from picking and working on individual “features” to be added to the Pasky HUD, is there a way just to list out the universe of “possible features” in a list?

That way we can then:

  1. add a box next to each and check that box if it is in the Pasky HUD (this gives the HUD current feature set)
  2. see what all is possible with the Pasky HUD

(with crude approximate time requirements to add if its handy)

That way we can indicate/voice/debate/lobby/beg what features would be neat to add next. AND we can also get a sense of the scope and scale that the Pasky HUD covers as a tech.


What’s the point of this?


*to see ST through the eyes of The Terminator.


Seriously? You gotta ask?

Did you not read the posts? It’s for frame advancing, figuring out exactly when a move is charged/ready. Figuring out exact throw distances for each character, when a move can truly be cancelled. This isn’t a stupid training mode, this is for people who frame advance the game and want to figure out exact mechanics…

EPIC face palm bro!


Stun meter added:

I suppose it requires some explanation for the feeble minded:

What you normally saw as a stun meter…was only half of it. What that half is…is a counter. While that number is positive, the stun won’t decrease.

The REAL stun meter only increments up to 30, if it is equal to or greater than 30, the character goes dizzy and both counters reset. So as long as the first value stays positive(The counter), the 2nd value (The stun meter)will not decrease.


Cauldrath figured out those stun mechanics in the “Things you just don’t understand about ST” thread.


I was being flippant in how tersely I phrased my question, but my question could be better phrased as: to what practical uses can this be put? So for example, if you give this to Mattsun or Taira, how will it help them? It seems to me that knowing the ‘exact mechanics’ (as you put it) does not have much practical application. Pixel differences or microsecond differences are changes at the margin.

But I am happy to be proven wrong… we’ll see.


Knowing exact values gives you comparisons and benchmarks when performing moves, if you know giefs max throw range, you can then compare against it when ticking normals during push back to discover maximum length blockstrings with different normals before he can spd for instance. Knowing how many steps it takes to get back in range after an spd. If you can see the difference in number, you can see how far that distance is visually.

Also, this is nowhere near microseconds, well I guess its 16667 microseconds, but if you can’t time 1 frame links, I don’t think you’ll get places in fighting games anyways. Why is frame data useful? Well this is the same shit, except its showing you the frames for charges and execution moves and how long they remain, by the frame…not by the microsecond.

Do you how know charges are handled when you cross someone up? You can find out now. You can also see if the charge is maintained if the charge character switches directions as the opponent goes to the other side.

It’s like saying “Whats the point in knowing the exact hitbox for a move? I know how far I gotta be to hit them.”

Like seriously man…I can’t believe you can’t see the usefulness.

Good for him!