Super Turbo Master Player Interview - AfroLegends

Interview with former EVO champion and one of the favorites to win the Super Arcade Cup this week at SoCal Regionals:

Thanks to Papasi for his interview template and big thanks to AfroLegends for doing this interview on such short notice.

Another great interview Kuroppi, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next one.

Seriously awesome interview! Glad to see how much love Afro still has for the game. Long live ST!

AfroLegends needs no introduction. Great interview.

Nice interview this and the other , nice work kuroppi and tx to the interviewed also, you can do mine next year i got a busy agenda.

vvfv fd


Allow me to translate:“Very Very Fcking Very Fcking Dope”

If that was an actual internet acronym, then I’ll have lost all faith in the next generation.

Man, AfroLegends on GGPO was one of the things that kept me playing this game…

then he went on a GGPO hiatus

You know he’s currently back on GGPO right?

Yeah. I noticed that in the interview he said he got ggpo installed again. =) is he still using the Handle Afro/legends

Just “afro legends”