Super Turbo Master Player Interview - Julien Beasley

All these interviews are so great and this one is very long but this is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Once again credit to Papasi for the interview template and thanks to Julien for such a in depth interview!

awesome awesome awesome interview.
So fun to read.
thanks to both zass & kuro!

nominated for fp

where did sunnyvale golfland’s ST machine go? Damn it

Great read. Helped me pass time at work. I was really enthused reading it so it also made me look like I was doing a really good job at work. Thats always a bonus.

I always enjoy every interview you do Kuroppi, and look forward to the next one. Thanks to both Kuroppi and Zass for taking time out to do this interview. Everytime I read one of these things, I learn something new, and I’m re-motivated to level up my game in ST.

Its always a trip when someones personality shines up at you through the text on the screen. J Beaszziiyy thank you for sharing your story. That’s one hell of a story you have about Tsuji. You painted a perfect picture in my head and I swear to you that you projected the electricity of the super chip down win with the countdown of blargs and the cheering afterwards with the way you tell it. "Rare footage of J beasziiy actually winning lol!

Come on back to GGPO homie.
Long live that T hawk 360 explanation you posted forever and a day back!

I remember reading zass’s account of beating Tsuji in that tourney years ago. The super finish for the win (BLARG~!) is especially memorable. Good stuff :smiley:

This is certainly one of the most interesting player interviews around. Thanks a lot kuroppi, papasi and zass.

Good stuff, i met zass for the first time at NWM3, i just imagine a skinny dude w/ a long pony tail…It was an old pic someone posted at the NW thread…

So i was doing my matches & doing pretty good until i played a Vega player, later i found out that was him…I was like dude, i thought you only use Chun & Dictator(HDR)…Where is your ponytail…I thought it was some random old dude & felt bad losing…

During lunch zass & xtg we talked about the trash talking in GGPO & how he enjoys all forms of trash talking…How it motivates him to play better…Man its really cool meeting these players IRL. I just wish i could have gotten into the scene when it was thriving & not dying…

Great history lesson. zass and NKI’s monster topics here back in the day inspired me to compete in ST.

wonderful read. i had gotten the chance to play some casuals with him on the last day of nwm3 and i felt like the random guy playing masters just like he did

another excellent answer to the common mistakes question as well. personally think its the best one yet

Great interview! Thanks for that Zass and Kuroppi.

Very good read indeed!

Thank you all for the kind words! I feel very honored to have been chosen, as I don’t consider myself in the same league as the very talented players that Kuroppi has interviewed. The game never gets old. I hope there’s an ST tournament I can join when I’m 80!

well, tournament results r not impressive, guess playing ST its like auto respect from others, if thats what u mean