Super Turbo Master Player Interview - Jumpsuit Jesse

Interview with the US Fei Long master himself:

I will hopefully have more old school player interviews coming in the following weeks.

(Credit to Papasi for his interview template he used for the Worldwide player interviews from last year and thanks to Jesse for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview.)

amazing read. i really liked his answer to the common mistakes question and his advice to new players

the fifth question has two of the same paragraphs in it (the one that starts with “As SSF started to fade out of the spotlight…”)

Awesome read. Thanks for that Kuroppi.

Oops, nice catch. I’ll correct that tonight.

Nice interview! Thanks to jesse and kuroppi for that.

BTW kuroppi is working long hours, have a baby and a wife to tend to and yet spend so much time promoting the sf2 scene (and behind the scene too!).

Someone please give kuro an award

PS. the black background, white tiny text is hurting my eyes a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

PPS lol there is a playsforfun in DGV too - whining about tick throws in the 90’s.

i like his crx.

Awesome interview kuroppi. I would love to hear some more his stories, it looks like he has plenty to tell. I love your series of interviews on your website, and I hope you can continue doing them.

It’s a great car, and it’s awesome that he’s trying to restore it. Too many hordes of teenagers have RUINED that car by doing stupid modifications to it, and it’s great in its stock condition.

Thanks for all the kind words, fellas.
I appreciate it. Eltrouble, I totally agree with you on what teens have done to these old cars. So tragic.

God I’m such a JSJ fan ! Come here ya big lug! I wanna give ya a big hug. You wanna get married and have 15 of my kids ?


haha did I just say that out lud ?!? I meant to think that lol. I think thats captain morgan talking and not me lol. He gets that way before breakfast lol.

I had JSJ in my book as the best Fei player in the US. I was really bummed when he stopped playing on xbox. Good to hear that he’s coming back to play ST at tournies again.

Back when GGPO had first started I was on there quite a bit.

I stopped playing XboxLive/GGPO for several reasons. The main reason was because the DSL lines in my area are crap. They went from bad to worse over time and AT&T did nothing to fix my issues. So I dropped them. Comcast in my area really sucks too, so I am stuck without a good quality ISP for now.

The other reason I quit playing HDR on XboxLive was because my offline game was really starting to suffer. Especially when playing ST on a cabinet. So it became apparent to me that I was just going to have to choose which one I was gonna stick to and which one I was just going to play as a novelty. I chose ST over HDR. Don’t get me wrong, I think HDR is exciting to watch and I am sure everyone has their reasons for loving it, but I had to make a decision. Some players have no problem hopping from one game to another, but apparently I do.

Once I have a decent ISP again I will definitely be back on GGPO

Yeah, it makes me sad to see young kids spend more money on their stereos and rims than they do on fixing the car.

Glad to see you’re still playing ST after all these years. Any idea if you’ll be stopping by at Evo in 2012 to get some ST action?

I remember JSJ having the showdown with DreamTR at SHGL over who had THEE Fei ( as Flipmeign would put it ) in ST
first time i saw meaty stand fierce link into stand ierce into Rekka, that shit was coldpiece son
this might have been at that wonky E3 ST tournament where Jason Cole beat Jabari Bain in the finals
I think this is where DreamTR brought his crew the Bayside Boys and where we first saw Gief do a well timed jumping down medium kick ticked into 720 as John Choi held up on his joystick and showed his disbelief to the rest of the ST crowd…alot of good memories during SHGL random ST tournaments

unless I’m mistaken and thinking of someone else, I have memories of playing JSJ a bunch on ZSNES SSF2 :slight_smile: if i do remember this correctly, he owned me - completely. I was lucky to get the occasional round…great player.

some of us were forced to watch jem and the holograms because she was sandwiched between robotics and bigfoot and the monster machines iirc. anyway, nonetheless, there were times i was forced to watch jem cuz i’d lose the tv otherwise and miss bigfoot or robotics, can’t remember which. now if dark gaiden wore a “jem” t-shirt, man dg, you’re on your own.

great laughs on smashing nickels. nothing worse than the nickel that wouldn’t go but you kept dropping it in hoping it would. one thing jumpsuit left out for those of you who didn’t grow up on the arcade scene were bad joysticks and buttons. there were times where you had great players gathered but you couldn’t jump from player 1 side, or maybe the roundhouse button didn’t work. i’ll tell ya the lady with the mustache behind the 7-eleven counter didn’t care if the controls didn’t work. she was probably the one who put up the “no refunds on the arcade games. play at your own risk…” sign.

Front page for Jumpsuit and Kuroppi! Well deserved.

EVO2012 is the plan. Rusty or not, I do plan on attending. Every year that passed I would tend to procrastinate or not schedule the time off early enough. Not this time :slight_smile:

Good memory! I remember that tournament. Especially that random guy playing 'Gief. It surprised the crap out of everyone. SHGL was a really nice venue to play in. Plenty of top class competition on every fighting game there.

OMG, are you fur realz!? WOW! I am blushin’ brah! :smiley:

Just read the interview, great stuff. I love reading about the old school scene.

I played Jumpsuit a couple times on HDR. I’ll never forget when he hit me with a Fei overhead once and then swept me three times in a row afterwards.

If anyone is interested in reading more about Jesse Howard, Jumpsuit, and Fei Long, I recommend this thread

awesome interview

Very good read, reminds me of my childhood, i miss those days…