Super Turbo noob question

Hey guys, I just recently accquired ST and I was hoping you fellas could answer me a question. Whenever I see tiers/character threads, i see O.sagat for example. Or N.chun as another example. What does this mean? My guess is that it stands for old/new, but I’m unsure. If I’m correct, how do you select these characters?

Yeah, it stands for old/new. Each character has an “old” version, in which they’re more like their Super incarnations. This means lost/gained attacks, different attack damage, different move priorities, etc. Some characters are better old than new. Sagat is the best example of that. Old Sagat is top tier, whereas new Sagat is more toward the middle of the pack, although almost no one who uses Sagat uses the new version over the old. Some characters are also better new than old, like Vega/Balrog, and for some it doesn’t really matter (Blanka is low-tier any way you look at it).

You can find the exact codes for choosing the old versions at, but all of them involve selecting the character you want with jab and then essentially wiggling the stick either up/down or left/right while tapping jab. For the first column of guys (Ryu and Ken) you wiggle the stick left and right while tapping jab, for the second column (Honda and Chun) you wiggle up and down while tapping jab, for the third (Blanka and Zangief) you wiggle left and right, fourth (Guile and Dhalsim) it’s up and down again, and so on until the last column (Sagat and Bison/Vega), where you wiggle up and down.

The SSF2T Old vs New character thread is this one:

Methods on how to pick them and what makes the versions different are pretty much in the first page. I know only because I asked the same thing like a month ago.