Super Turbo old character codes

Hello peeps, I was looking around online, even at, and I couldn’t find the codes to pick the old characters. A detailed process would be appreciated. Could somone please refer me to the proper place? Thanks,


on the odd columns on the select screen. select the characters and immediately wiggle the stick left and right and mash on jab til you heard the character make a sound… even columns wiggle the stick up and down instead.

i think cammy, iirc, is the only character that doesnt follow the column rule and heres is opposite of the cloumn shes in.

theres specific codes to get each character, but no point in learning em when you can just wiggle left and right+jab or up and down+jab. it works everytime

Just for good measure:

If you’re playing arcade do what Sabre said. If you’re playing PSX I think you can just hold select before you pick your character. If you’re playing DC hold L+R and go into options for the extra options menu; there you can pick among the versus options to enable a manual choice between old and new on the character screen.

Can’t help you for either the PC,3DO or GBA versions though I don’t think the old characters are even on 3DO.

Not sure about holding select on playstation; the Jab+wiggle works though.

just a few of the exact codes … I only know a couple…

o. guile select with jab u u u d

o. ken select with jab l l l r

but yeah the wiggle method works just fine